Recruiting: The Importance of Following Up with Hiring Managers

Following up with hiring managers is the key to success. And no, we are not quoting DJ Khalid.
Hiring managers are always being thrown in 10 different directions at once.  With hundreds of resumes, multiple intake calls and just the day to day interview blocking, chances are high that your hiring manager won’t be the one reaching out to you for candidate information, interviews and any other important information that is key to a successful search for talent.

Why follow up? It is an essential step in the success of any recruiter in their quest to landing a sign, sealed, and delivered placement. Here are the 5 reasons why follow up is critically important:


  1. Following up is a fail safe way to avoid miscommunication: By simply following up, you will have the power to ask more questions throughout the hiring process. Also, one of the best reasons to follow up with your hiring manager, especially after an intake call, is having a good reason to ask more questions about the position or ideal candidate that you may not have thought to ask during that initial call. Following up after an intake call can also confirm any gaps of knowledge you might have — the worst feeling in the world is uncertainty.


  1. Following up shows respect for your hiring manager and the client: Following up shows that you have respect and have a strong work ethic. You are showcasing to your hiring manager that you are 100% dedicated to making their search your #1 priority by simply following up, even if you have 10 positions sitting on your desk. Don’t forget, your reputation is your brand.


  1. Following up says volumes about your company: Following up shows that you and your company are valued partners with that hiring managers’ client — who welcomes feedback and appreciates hiring managers’ time and effort.


  1. Following up creates an open communication stream with candidates and hiring managers: If you are already actively engaging with your hiring manger through follow-up, this allows an open forum of communication and feedback needed in seeking, retaining and placing top talent.


  1. Following up is key to building strong and lasting relationships: Following up shows that you care. Do you want to keep making money? If so, you will be given more positions to fill.  Chances are you might be put on a position with the same hiring manager. If so, you want to have a good record with that person. If you can establish a good working relationship with your hiring manager you are guaranteed a stress free “hiring manager-recruiter relationship” in the future.

It is no secret that hiring managers live busy lives and that they cannot always be the one on top of your search – hence the art of the follow up. Simply sending out a little email, reminding them that you care, we can assure will make your life easier.

We think there are #noexcuses not to follow-up! It truly is the key to success.

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