2018 Recruiter Intentions, Not Resolutions.

And just like that another year has come and gone. With 2018 fresh on the page, many take to paper their new year resolutions. Most resolutions often include personal and sometimes professional resolutions. The thing is with resolutions, they often feel short or are never achieved. When these goals are reached, you often feel self-doubt and failure.  Therefore, why not set intentions rather than resolutions.  Intentions, unlike resolutions or goals, give us permission not to reach an end but accept the journey in the pursuit of personal or professional growth.

As a recruiter here are some 2018 intentions you can intend to reach and accept the journey along the way.

Intend to grow relationships with hiring leaders.

“Meet with hiring managers to get to know their experience and comfort level with the hiring process. Build a relationship with them. Educate them as a peer on the state of the talent market, what the market competition is, and what they can do to shift their mindset to one where they sell the candidate on the great opportunity to work for the company and more specifically, for them. Help them think through questions like: Why should the candidate want them as a boss? Why would the candidate want to be part of their team? What does the company offer that is better than Company XYZ?” – Emily Gordon, ERE Recruiting Intelligence

Intend to build your talent pool out.

‚ÄúBuilding a passionate and involved community within the sea of talent is not easy.  Many hours are spent giving back, having conversations, and proving your worth. The most effective and fastest way in which to build a talent ocean is through your already established relationships. Encouraging your current employee base, previous job applicants, your customers, and their pockets of community to join in your conversations is the best way to get your talent ocean off the ground. Using Twitter and engaging in Twitter chats geared toward the job seeker like #jobhuntchat and #hirefriday chat are another effective and fast method to build momentum and a brand with very little cost.‚Äù ‚Äì Jessica Miller-Merrell, Hiring Success Journal

Intend to be more strategic.

‚ÄúLong, drawn-out recruitment processes are one reason why candidates reject job offers. They might accept another offer, lose interest, or even decide that your organization isn‚Äôt as professional as they would like. The last thing you want is to find the perfect candidate, only for them to reject your offer. To reduce low acceptance rates, make sure that your hiring process stays focused.‚Äù ‚Äì ALLIE KELLY Jazz HR Notes

Intend to vet your candidates more for better hires.

‚ÄúIncreasing the quality of your hiring assessments should be priority number one. Perhaps you need to increase the amount of time you spend assessing candidates for cultural fit during interviews. Or maybe you need to spend more time communicating to them what life is like working for your organization, and what will be expected of them.‚Äù ‚Äì ALLIE KELLY Jazz HR Notes

Intentions rather than resolutions will not only relieve the pressure on getting them done but help you plan your year with the intention of being successful! For more recruiting tips, check out all our blogs on Tremendous Upside to help formulate your 2018 intentions! Happy Hunting!

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