3 Engaging Podcast Topic Ideas To Catch Candidate Attention

We’ve decided podcasting is worth the time and investment as a form of employer branding and connecting with your candidate audience. There’s an opportunity to get deep with podcasting through capturing stories of employees, sharing tips and tricks, or interesting banter back and forth between experts. Any serious job-seeker is going to suck all of this information up in one sitting.

You may feel stuck when it comes to starting a podcast to help recruit, but here are 3 engaging topic ideas to catch candidate attention:

Employee Stories

You can never go wrong with a good story—especially when you’re recruiting. Selling the job is more than just a list of bullets. It’s an experience. Candidates who want to be in it for the long haul want to hear stories from real employees about their careers. Whether it’s a day in the life, favorite projects, team interviews, recruiting stories, what to expect, etc. Interview your current employees to get their take on life at your company.

Current Events

Do you have someone in your company that travels to big conferences, speaking events, or trade shows? Get them on the mic! Not only is this good self-promotion for the company, but candidates will hear you’re doing big things! Like, a trade show?! Any solid event marketer or PR pro would jump in on that opportunity. Or maybe you’re a healthcare organization and the hospital hosting a nurses appreciation event on campus—interview the event organizers to get the scoop! And if you’re hiring nurses, they will love to hear those stories… See what I mean? Think about what the candidates want to hear, what’s in it for them, and sell the fun vibes so they get excited to apply!

Tips for Candidates

What better way to help a candidate feel comfortable and prepared for an interview than getting a recruiter on the mic to spill what they are looking for in an ideal candidate? Record episodes that are go-to resources for candidates to learn about specific positions, what to expect during an interview, what the job is like, and top interview questions to expect. Don’t reveal all of your questions, but a few will help take the edge off for any serious candidate. Share advice for resumes, cover letters, portfolios, how to dress, etc. This may seem like no-brainer info to us, but you never know who would really appreciate the help!

Podcasts are fun. They‚Äôre modern. They‚Äôre exciting. They can be listened to anywhere which is awesome. You can totally make podcasts your own because, ultimately, there are no rules!

At Kinetix, we have our own podcast Talent Sniper Radio—a podcast for recruiters, by recruiters. Ch-ch-check it out for some super fun podcast inspiration of your own.

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