3 Real Reasons Why Specialty Recruiters Beat Out the Competition

Generalized recruiter or specialty recruiter—the age old question.

On the one hand, you might think a generalized recruiter would be better. They can handle anything you throw at them! IT? Got it. Healthcare? No problem. Manufacturing? They can do that too.

But then on the other hand, you may think a specialty recruiter would be best for the job. Specialty = better, right?

Well, we’d agree with you if you’re in the latter’s line of thinking. Specialty recruiters can get the job done quicker and at a higher quality than the generalized type of recruiter that a major staffing firm might bring on to fill jobs. And it comes down to way more than just specialty sounding better.

If you agree with us about specialty recruiters being the superior option, these three reasons will give you credence beyond specialty sounding better; if you don’t agree with us yet about specialty recruiters, see if we can’t change your mind:

They’ve Got The Network

Specialty recruiters have built themselves a home within a certain industry. As such, their network is specifically tailored to a niche market of roles. Rather than sifting through their network to find the right category of candidates, and then sifting through that category to find the singular perfect candidate, specialty recruiters have one big pool to pull from. This can save time on finding the perfect quality candidate to fill the role.

They’ve Got The Industry Knowledge

Is there anything more frustrating for a hiring manager than having to answer questions from a recruiter about the technical aspects of the role? For a generalized recruiter, each time they encounter a new type of position, there’s going to be a learning curve. For specialty recruiters, they eat, sleep, breathe the industry they work within. As such, hiring managers won’t have to take the time to explain jargon to them, and the recruiter is more comfortable and confident. Everyone’s happy.

They Know The Right Fit When They See It

Again, because specialty recruiters have worked within one industry for a period of time, they know things that you can only learn from exposure. One of those things is they type of personality (i.e. behavioral and motivational fit) that a candidate needs to have to fill a role. Whereas a specialty recruiter might know you wouldn’t want to put a certain type of person into the role they’re trying to fill, a generalized recruiter wouldn’t even know the signs to look for. This means quality of candidate is going up.

Generalized recruiters might be able to “do it all” but in the world of recruiting, we hope you’ll agree that quality is better than quantity.

If you want to learn more about what specialty recruiters, like the ones that make up our recruiting team at Kinetix, can do for your hiring needs, check out our info on recruiting and hit us up today!

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