5 Video Apps To Easily Make Videos For Social Recruiting

Social video is essential to online marketing, and it’s here to stay. With billions of active users on social media each day, video is the best way to snag their interest and be one step up from the competition.

For recruiting, video is an extremely valuable content medium to build relationships and connect with potential candidates. Social video gives you the opportunity to share stories about what it’s like working at your company, application process tips, advice for an incoming employee, sharing your current employees’ stories, and more—right where they’re all hanging out… social media.

Below are 5 quality video editing apps you can download straight to your smartphone, film videos, and edit directly in the app to get ready to post to social media:

  1. imovie
  2. Story Remix
  3. Overvideo
  4. Pinnacle Studio
  5. Adobe Premiere Clip


Best Practices For Social Video Recruiting:

  1. Keep your videos interesting and to the point. Attention spans are short. Some social platforms have video time limits, so make sure they are concise and fit in the allotted time.
  2. Add subtitles/text. Did you know the majority of videos played on social aren’t played with sound? It’s because people are lazy and it takes like… 1 extra second to press the unmute button—and who has extra time nowadays?! Add subtitles to your videos if it’s appropriate that explains what the video is about if there is no talking, or if there is talking, your standard subtitles will work.
  3. Use a CTA. Always, always, always have a call-to-action in the caption of your video post. To take it from good to great, add the CTA at the end of every video (make it clickable if you can.) Encourage your viewer to take that desired action, like visiting your careers page, applying for a job, etc.


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