Adventures in Working from Home: Linda Padierna

Here at Kinetix, we’ve stepped into the next phase of employment evolution: the work-from-home arena.

For our employees, such as Linda Padierna, this flexibility has allowed her to work to the best of her abilities. For Linda, the remote work opportunity has been infinite, and she wishes more companies took advantage of it.

If you could describe working from home in one word, what would it be and why?

If I had to use a word, it would be productive. Specifically, for the type of positions I recruit for, I find I can be much more productive while working at home because I can adjust my schedule to my applicants. Since nurses work 12 hour shifts, I find myself splitting my workday between mornings and late evenings, and it works PERFECT. If I worked in an office setting, it would be a little harder for me to manage splitting my time to accommodate theirs. 

What are the best parts for you about working remotely?

I have an unbelievable amount of flexibility. I have the flexibility to be available not only for my applicants, but for managers as well. I can make impromptu visits to the hospital to round with hiring managers and to even help with interviews when needed or requested. Having open availability to our clients and talent gives an added personal touch that you can‚Äôt necessarily give when in an office all the time. 

What does your setup look like? What is your daily routine?

I would say my home setup is a normal home office set up. I’ve got my desk, computer, scanner, and printer. Along with it, I have my internal tools such as Glip (RingCentral), Chatter, and email. My daily routine varies from day to day, based on what I’m working on, the talent, and the hiring managers. Every day, however, will consist of emails, phone calls, sourcing, and admin duties.

How are you reassured that you are doing well by leadership?

The leadership at Kinetix does a great job of showing camaraderie and support of everyone, both in-office and remote. For remote recruiters, however, they ensure they give us their trust. The trust they give us allows us to confidently do our jobs accurately and in a productive manner. 

Do you feel included in the team/company decisions, although not present?

Kinetix does a great job of sharing ideas early on, so if anyone does have concerns, they are reviewed before big things being implemented. We are heard and valued, no matter where we are located. We also have opportunities to discuss issues and thoughts at our monthly Kudos and 4Square sessions with our CEO, Shannon. 

What are the 3 crucial items for success when being a remote employee?

Trust: you must have complete trust amongst your team.

Less micromanaging: this comes from giving more trust.

Full context: from compliments to complaints. giving full context and transparency will allow for full trust.

Is your company moving in this new direction? Are you a fellow work from homer? Leave your thoughts below on your adventures in WFH!

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