Allison Han: Likeable, Without Even Trying!

If you could pick an ideal colleague, what qualities would they have? Would they be a good communicator, a hard worker, authentic, helpful, or an amalgamation?

If you ask her coworkers, Allison Han is thorough, persistent, incredible at maintaining relationships with clients, always on top of it, and an overall great employee to work alongside.

But if you ask Allison, her viewpoint is much humbler, further solidifying her reputation as the ideal teammate. That’s why she represents the real factor: Likeable.

Likeable people are viewed as approachable team players – they’re authentic, friendly and truthful, just like Allison.

“I think it means that my colleagues and I work well together,” Allison states, “and we’re able to work efficiently together without making the work environment hostile. Getting factor cards means a lot to our team at Kinetix because it’s a way to show each other that we’re able to collaborate and work well together – both professionally and personally.”

Allison has been a recruiter at Kinetix since February of 2017. Over the past year and a half, she says she’s been able to grow and learn in many different ways at Kinetix.

“I was able to take part in projects that I had never been exposed to before,” she explains, “I had an opportunity to work with multiple clients – which is exciting. I’ve had the chance to work with very different client systems, that I may not have worked with anywhere else. On top of that, I have met some very diverse hiring leaders. Each and every encounter I’ve had with all of them has been a valuable learning experience for me.”

Without a likeable personality and demeanor, jumping from client to client, and hiring leader to hiring leader, wouldn’t be possible.

Still, Allison still contributes much of her growth and skill to her team and her coaches.

“We are fortunate enough to have the unique opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other because we sit so close, which also allows me to grow,” she says, “having such a high level of accessibility to our coaches is so helpful because I can go to them with questions and come back with so much more than just the answer to the question that I had.”

The welcoming culture at Kinetix is conducive to this type of collaboration. With an open floor plan and an open-door policy, working as a team comes naturally to our employees – and the factor cards play into the atmosphere.

“There are so many great aspects about Kinetix,” Allison says, “but my favorite is the people that we work with. I think we have a great team that genuinely cares about each other. Without trying to sound too cheesy, it’s such a joy coming to work and having sincere conversations with my colleagues about their weekends or about work and just knowing that it’s sincere.”

And that sincerity is highlighted through the factor card process. Allison says that, in addition to recognizing others for their hard work, the factor cards give our team an opportunity to really sit down and thank our coworkers for all of the extra things that they do.

“It’s a good recognition system that also encourages you to stop, think, and thank the people you work closely with,” she says, “we’re moving so quickly, if you don’t really sit down to think, you assume that you already thanked someone for their hard work – but sometimes it doesn’t always happen. The Kinetix factor cards really help all of us stay mindful of the great team support we receive every day.”

So take a page from Allison’s handbook and be open to collaboration, help others when you can, smile at your co-workers, and foster meaningful relationships that, in the end, help your team succeed and makes you stand out to your colleagues.

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