Ask a Recruiter feat. Grant Peacock

Kinetix strives to be not just experts in recruitment, but also thought leaders within the recruiting space. Our recruiters are what helps our company rise to the top, and with that responsibility you have to be a kick a$$ teammate to be a part of our team! What makes a kick a$$ teammate? Someone who displays intrinsic desire and the need to deliver more than is expected or what others will provide.  These people find a way to be a great team member by embodying the spirit of ownership and work pride on a daily basis.

Grant Peacock is one of those kick a$$ employees we have and he sat down with us to discuss his career before Kinetix, what he has learned since becoming a part of the Kinetix army and advice he wants you, fellow recruiters, to use in your own recruiting practices!

How long have you worked at Kinetix?

“I have worked for Kinetix for almost 5 years, come this August, so basically 4 years and 7 months!” (But who’s counting…). “Two years ago I became a Coach!”

How did you find out about Kinetix?

“I found out about Kinetix through a close contact in 2011. I was told then that both DataCentric and Kinetix were growing companies and DataCentric was looking to fill some Business Development roles. So essentially I found out through DataCentric our sister IT company. I shared an office with Kinetix for my first year at DataCentric and I knew there was something special going on.”

What do you specialize in? 

“I specialize in Allied Healthcare/Sales/Marketing/Accounting & Finance; Clinical and Non-Clinical roles in Healthcare.”

What has helped you be the recruiter you are today?

 Grant puts a lot of his experiences based on who he is: ‚ÄúI ask a lot of questions, I dig a lot of ditches and I am always eating the elephant.‚Äù

What is something new you have learned since being at Kinetix? 

“I have learned how to chunk my time and that your professional persistence is your greatest power.”

What tips can you share with other recruiters?

‚ÄúI share with all recruiters the tip of always listening and focusing on building your personal brands.  To my fellow Kinetix recruiters: You are with the hottest RPO/Recruiting firm on the globe. Leverage our (the Kinetix) uniqueness with your uniqueness.‚Äù

What do you think is the main driver of your success?

“I try my best to be positive, proactive, and patient when having such a high sense of urgency. I want my team to be successful and the best at what they do. I want to ensure we are building strong relationships with our hiring managers and clients and that we provide them the best quality candidates out there.”

Today his success comes from constantly building relationships with candidates/hiring manager. This is something you can easily do in your own recruiting practices. Use Grant’s expertise in your own recruiting practices to charge forward and find top talent.

Want to be at the top of your game? Kinetix is the perfect place where recruiters can come to learn and grow. And lucky for you, we are hiring.

Take the advice from Grant and run with it or come join our recruiting team. Your call!


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