Ask a Recruiter Feat. Rich Boling – July Feature

Our Kinetix recruiters are the top factor that makes our company be the best firm out there, and with that responsibility you have to be a kick a$$ teammate to be a part of our team! This month we are featuring one of Kinetix’s newbies, Rich Boling.

Rich is one of those Kinetix people who has walked in the door and fit right in. He has the skillset, the personality and drive it takes to be successful here. Rich always has a smile on his face and we are lucky to have him on the team.

We sat down with him to go over his overall adventure thus far with Kinetix and what he hopes to learn while growing his career at Kinetix.

Give us the who, what, when, where of why you are at Kinetix

I started at Kinetix in April. I had been a Recruiter for a national healthcare/IT company for many years and was looking for my next adventure.  I had read about Kinetix on Glassdoor and went to website, which blew me away.  I came from a corporate environment and Kinetix seemed like a fantastic other world.  I applied online and got a call soon after from Anne Roley (another Kinetix Recruiter). With Kinetix, we have that healthcare base and variety of other roles I could do.  After coming in for an interview, seeing the office setup and speaking with David and Laura (senior level staff), I was sold.  Overall, it was the people and environment that brought me here.

How has your background shaped you into the recruiter you are today?

Most of my work before had been recruiting for nurses, social workers and pharmacists but the last few years I‚Äôd branched out into customer service, manufacturing and some IT. Having variety has helped me adapt quicker to new situations and taught me the importance of remembering small details, like what time zone a client and candidate are in.

Have you learned anything new since joining the Kinetix Family? 

Absolutely, I learn something new every day!  I am so impressed with how everyone shares information and war stories, answers questions and supports me.  I‚Äôm going to ask questions about everything, as our trainer Laura can attest.

Are there any major differences between Kinetix and past companies you have worked at?

Definitely!  I came from corporate settings so it was private offices and professional dress every day except Friday.  I worked directly under HR and had to go through several layers of approval to get an offer done.  I had 4 different managers in 3 years and our main metric was time-to-hire. Kinetix moves quicker and is more open.

What pushes you to succeed as a recruiter?

To me, there is no better feeling than knowing you have identified the perfect candidate AND having the candidate and hiring manager know it too.

What tips do you have for other recruiters?

Even when you‚Äôre not at work, you‚Äôre still recruiting.  Talk to the people behind you at the grocery store, the dog park or the gym. You‚Äôll learn something new and possibly get a referral.

Tell me the craziest experience you have had as a recruiter: 

My sister works in HR and healthcare.  We both recruited the same candidate for a nurse manager role.  She got the candidate but I always remind her it‚Äôs because she had more money in her budget.

We can agree that Rich has found his great next adventure and a place to call home at Kinetix. At Kinetix, we want all our team members to breathe a sigh of relief that they made the right decision to join the Kinetix family. So…come join and kick your shoes off.

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