Back to the Basics – Interviews

Regardless if you are interviewing your very first candidate ever or you are a senior recruiter, it doesn‚Äôt hurt to review the basics of interview etiquette every once in a while. 

Here at Kinetix, our recruiters interview and screen a plethora of candidates, all the time.  So, prepare yourself people.

When preparing for your interview, it is important to take a second look and review the candidates’ information you have. Yes, you should study who you are interviewing before you discuss the position you are trying to fill – also you should know their resume backwards and forwards.

These are the four major things that are essential to nailing the interview and Kinetix’s advice to you:

Think about the questions you will ask.  Preparing the questions that will not only determine the candidates‚Äô success in the position but other basic questions are important to ask to make sure your candidates are well rounded. 

The inevitable basic questions include: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why do you think you would be a good fit for us? What is your biggest strength/weakness? 

Learn about the candidate: Are they involved in the community? What life aspirations do they have? Do they have children? Find out as much as you can about the candidate so that you can build a lasting relationship. At the end of the day you need to make sure they are a good candidate who is willing to leave their job for yours.

Being prepared for these interviews shows you are a dedicated recruiter.  

Verbal Communication is the most important part of the interview process.  

No matter how long you have been the interviewer, ALWAYS be professional. Use Sir or Ma‚Äôam when necessary and Yes not Ya.  Speak in a clear and confident way!

If the interview is face to face:

Non-Verbal Communication. Body Language is key.  Be aware of how you are sitting, shaking hands and standing.  Try not to slouch and hunch over in your chair.  Stand tall, and feel free to use your hands when speaking. Also, dress for success. You are going to hire this person.

Don‚Äôt go crazy on the perfume and cologne.  One, possibly two sprays is enough! You do not want to go into the interview and have your candidates‚Äô eyes burning and coughing because the smell is so strong. We want all the focus to be on your candidate and their professional skills and qualities. 

Now that you are ready to go, take a deep breath and relax. You are a recruiter and you’ve got this.

Interviewing and hitting your quota can be a stressful process.  However, with these quick tips you can get through all those screenings and interviews to help you land your placements!

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