Filters Are Your Friend! 2 Photo Editing Apps You Need For Your Brand

This is Part 2 of the ‚ÄúKeep Your Candidates‚Äô Attention Through Visual Content‚Äù 2 part series. Yep‚Äìa quick and dirty series. If you missed Part 1, we revealed tips for taking a really good picture that will keep candidates interested‚Ķ using a smartphone. So now, Part 2 will teach you how to make those pictures look even better with editing apps.

As a recruiter, employment branding specialist, or HR pro, it‚Äôs important for you to know to create compelling visuals that can really take your company brand to the next level. You may think you need a fancy editing software to get the job done‚Äìnot so much. If you are doing simple photo edits for ‚Äúbehind-the-scenes‚Äù company pictures for Instagram, or if you‚Äôre posting pictures for a live event on Twitter‚Äìan easy edit from an app can do the trick.

So if you’re not a “creative” person, if you don’t have a creative team to handle visuals, and if you just need to make your pictures pop on the fly for social and blogs, these are the 2 best smartphone apps I recommend for quick and easy photo/video editing

  1. VSCO Cam Free | iOS | AndroidNo surprise here. This is one of the most popular and powerful editing apps. What makes it so popular are its wide array of preset filters. These aren‚Äôt your standard Instagram filters, though. Don‚Äôt get it twisted. The VSCO filters are softer, more authentic, and closer to what actual film editing would look like. Simply upload your photo/video, slap on a filter that fits the look you‚Äôre going for, and call it a day. Wham, bam, thank you little lamb‚Ķ ( Just go with it.) Once you determine a filter you like, make a habit of branding all pictures with that same filter to solidify branding recognition and to have consistency.
  2.  Snapseed Free | iOS | Android
    This is another great editing app for basic adjustments‚Äìcropping, tuning, etc. But what makes this one stand out is its ‚ÄúSelective Adjust‚Äù tool. This tool allows you to pinpoint specific areas of the image that you want to edit. For example, if you take a picture of a work brunch and you want to only brighten up the pastry plate and maybe darken the coffee, you can do that with this tool! Super custom.

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