How Hospital Recruiting is Alleviating Staffing Crises

How Hospital Recruiting is Alleviating Staffing Crises

As a leadership team member in the healthcare industry, you’re likely under a lot of pressure. There are many things on your mind, and you’re aware that the top resource within your organization is people, which means a recruiting strategy is vital for your organization.

While creating a healthcare recruiting strategy might be challenging, you shouldn’t leave it on the back burner. A hospital staffing shortage will negatively impact patient care and other important performance metrics. 

In fact, according to a U.S. News article, the healthcare worker shortage is a top patient safety concern. While the number of healthcare jobs returned to pre-COVID levels, the number of workers remains below pre-COVID levels.

3 Ways Hospital Recruiters Eliminate Staffing Burdens 

Thankfully, there are resources — like recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. This post will cover how outsourcing hospital recruitment services can help you address staffing issues.

1. Improve Recruiting Strategy, and Marketing ROI


Recruiting is sales. In other words, a successful hospital recruitment team likely resembles a sales team. And since marketing sets the stage for sales, your hospital recruitment team needs to work closely with the marketing team to uphold the integrity of your hospital brand and values. This will help your hospital recruiters become top-performing salespeople who close healthcare job openings at record rates. 

But at some healthcare organizations, recruiting may fall onto the shoulders of the human resources (HR) department, which already has numerous responsibilities. So, your hospital recruiters may not have the resources — like time — to develop an effective recruiting strategy.

As a result, they may overspend on marketing efforts and have a poor return on investment (ROI) — while still drowning in thousands of healthcare job openings during a staffing crisis. To prevent this, consider outsourcing your hospital recruiting tasks. Outsourced recruiting companies will likely have services to help improve your recruitment marketing efficiency.

These RPO companies may also match your hospital with specialty healthcare recruiters. They will become an extension of your internal team and help develop a proactive recruiting strategy to alleviate current staffing issues. Moreover, your outsourced hospital recruiting team may also use this proactive recruiting strategy to address future staffing needs — like increased workloads as your organization expands.

2. Save Time With the Best Industry Tools, and Services


Hospital recruitment is a time-intensive process. Still, time is likely a limited resource for your HR department — especially during a staffing crisis. Fortunately, your outsourced professional hospital recruiters tend to be equipped with the best automation tools in the industry. 

For example, outsourced hospital recruiting companies may have an assessment platform or tool. This tool may evaluate candidates in various areas — like cognitive skills. And you may use the information to ensure that candidates will be a great fit. 

Aside from using this assessment tool to help you, your outsourced hospital recruiters will likely take care of pre-screening activities. This is to make sure that candidates meet the healthcare job description. Then, once you review and interview the most qualified candidates, RPO companies may also have another tool that provides a breakdown of each candidate. This breakdown may assist you in making the best hiring decisions.

Afterward, your outsourced hospital recruiters may assist you during the pre-hire stage. They’ll prevent large communication gaps by following up with candidates in between the numerous pre-employment activities (e.g., background checks, drug screening, etc.). Keeping candidates engaged reduces “fall-off,” which is the rate of losing candidates.

3. Improve Employee Retention


At this stage, your organization met its hiring goals with high-quality candidates. Congratulations, but don’t lose steam here! After all your recruiting efforts, the last thing you want is poor employee morale, high turnover rates, and future staffing issues. Your outsourced hospital recruiting team may help you here, too!

RPO companies can assist your organization with investing in its employees to improve employee engagement and retention. These RPO companies may do this by providing services focusing on leadership, career, and team development.

Work With a Leading Hospital Recruitment Firm 

It’s essential to have a proactive recruiting strategy. Aside from improving your marketing ROI, an efficient strategy may quickly address current and future staffing needs. But it’s resource-intensive to develop and implement this proactive strategy effectively. 

Square Social Templates (1)If you want help with your hospital recruiting strategy, there are solutions, such as outsourced recruiting companies — like Kinetix. Kinetix can match you with confident and knowledgeable RPO recruiters dedicated to efficiently handling complex staffing issues. Ensuring your hospital has appropriate staffing can result in cost savings — by preventing overspending. Kinetix also has several other services and great automation tools.

Kinetix will develop a customized and flexible solution depending on your healthcare recruiting needs. Let’s have a conversation.

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