How to Balance Your Life as A Recruiter

Recruiting is all about the balancing act. Realistically recruiting is not a 9-5 job. In order to find and place candidates, you have to always be available. Whether it’s via phone, email or text – you are always on. So, within your recruiting career can you obtain a work-life balance while hitting your weekly calls, weekly submittals and monthly goals? We say yes. Here is what we believe you need.

You manage your time.

You can’t be relaxed without results. What does this mean? If you can manage your workload to be successful in the time allotted to hit your goals, you can be relaxed and manage a work life balance. As a recruiter, managing your time to be the most productive means, in return, you can be off the clock on weekends or week nights. Yes, here and there you will have to take a call/text/email outside of regular business hours, but overall if you are managing your time you can turn your cell on do not disturb.

You have support from your managers and team. 

Another factor that contributes to a work-life balance as a recruiter is having support. Support from your managers and team members will help drive you to succeed in hitting your goals and ultimately lead you to a better work life balance.  There is no ‚Äúi‚Äù in team for a reason. 

 You have flexibility in the work place.

As a recruiter if you feel like you have to be chained to your desk from 9-5 it may be time to apply to Kinetix. A flexible workplace that encourages a work-life balance is the key to success, especially in the recruiter world. In your work environment you should feel as if you are a trusted member of the team. If you can hit your goals and still leave by 5, then leave by 5. As a recruiter you are heavily commission based; if you are making the money to live the lifestyle you have and are hitting your goals then we see no reason to not go to your kid’s 5th grade graduation.

You focus on quality.

As a recruiter if you are having a tough time finding a work life balance and are not hitting your goals and submitting quality candidates then we say you should recruit yourself right out of recruiting. To be a successful recruiter and have time for your family, you have to be willing to be on when you need to be on. You need to master your focus of quality to be able to, again, hit your goals.

You allow yourself to switch off.  

Lastly and most importantly, in order to have a work life balance as a recruiter you must be willing to SWITCH OFF. Meaning you need to realize what is important to you. Your time with family or friends or whatever makes you happy. Yes, answer that email if it is an emergency at 5pm on a Saturday but you need to know when to just turn it off and live in the moment.

We only have one short life to live. We say you can live it up if you manage your time, have support, focus on quality and switch off when you have all of the above. Happy hunting!

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