How to Be an Effective Recruiting Leader

In a world that is constantly evolving and changing, it’s hard to define what the ideal or perfect leader is. Different companies, teams, and individuals require different leaders to guide them through the ever evolving landscape which surrounds them, particularly in the recruiting world.

Now you might be asking how or why you should be an effective leader, in recruiting Let me tell you: Who you are today as a leader, the work you do to get the jobs filled and how you handle your team, all represent yourself and your ability to lead.

As a recruiting leader, your goal is to motivate your team to find top talent that will get the job done, the reqs filled quickly and make your clients and hiring managers happy.

Really great recruiting leaders have a few traits in common, and a few specific tricks to lead their team effectively and close jobs:

Remain connected to the process.

Recruiters lives are constantly moving – calling candidates, filling jobs, getting new jobs, entering data, the list goes on. Staying connected with the process provides you, as the leader, the ability to react when things go wrong. For instance, staying connected with the process means that when things go wrong, you can be more informed in figuring out how to fix them. But being connected to the process doesn’t mean micromanaging—it means allowing your recruiters to take charge and produce good work with the support they need.

Inspire your team to learn more.

The more you can inspire your fellow recruiters on your team who might not be hitting goals, the better leader you are. If you can sit down with them and walk through with them what they are doing well and how they can get better, the better they will perfrom. Establishing a relationship with your team will help you better relate to them and talk through those hard moments when they aren’t hitting hiring goals.

Have good attributes.

Meaning? Attributes like flexibility, commitment, consistency and a strong focus are the general skills that set leaders apart. These are all valuable attributes for recruiting leaders who are constantly dealing with pressure from the client and the everyday trials and tribulations of their team members.

Help your team ask the right questions.

Asking the right questions isn’t just a mechanism to help your recruiters fill a role faster, but it helps them to grow and learn more about this industry. The bottom line – there are no stupid questions. Creating an open environment for your team to ask questions will not only make the team more successful as a whole but will ensure a smooth operating machine.

Michael Scott, the ultimate leader in the hit sitcom “The Office”, asks as a leader, “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.

Be the best leader you can be by staying connected, inspiring those around you, staying true to yourself and asking the right questions. If you do, your team will be afraid of how much they love you.

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