How To Optimize Your Spend On Indeed To Attract Quality Applicants

We talk a lot about Indeed here at Kinetix, but with good reason. With almost 60% of all careers-related traffic online passing through Indeed, it’s important for employers to turn their focus there and consider spending money on sponsored jobs if it’s in the recruiting budget. At Kinetix, we not only manage our own spend, we also manage campaigns for many of our clients. Indeed’s a great place to put a portion of your recruitment marketing budget and we’d like to hit you with some of the knowledge we’ve gained to help you make smart decisions when choosing to sponsor jobs on the platform.

Don’t Sponsor All Your Jobs.

If you‚Äôre only posting 4 or 5 jobs on Indeed at one time, then it makes sense to go ahead and put budget behind all those positions. But if you‚Äôre a larger organization with 100-500 open jobs, then you should follow the 20% rule. Only sponsoring the toughest-to-fill 20-25% of your jobs will help you optimize your spend and not throw money down the drain sponsoring jobs that receive a high number of organic clicks. Remember, you‚Äôre competing for clicks with other companies so you need to focus on your most critical positions. Sponsoring jobs that receive a high volume of organic clicks like administrative assistant or customer service representative is often times a waste of money.

Target $75-$100 Per Job.

Don‚Äôt let Indeed or certain other recruitment marketing agencies fool you into thinking you need to spend $400 per job or the equivalent of a typical 30-day job posting. Indeed works on a cost-per-click model so you‚Äôll want to target a $1.00 ‚Äì $1.50 CPC. Spending $100 per job per month should yield more than enough quality applicants if you‚Äôre hitting your target CPC. Yes, some roles like IT or Nurse will need a boost if you‚Äôre struggling to attract impressions and clicks but those should be considered on a case by case basis. Typically, 11% of all clicks turn into applicants on Indeed so you should generate at least 11 sponsored applicants off of those efforts. Don‚Äôt forget about the applicants you‚Äôll also gain from organic clicks!

Optimize Your Job Titles.

Another important piece of fine-tuning your campaigns on Indeed is to look at your job posting titles to make sure they’re following candidate search behavior and attracting the right candidates. A great way to do this is to use Indeed’s Job Trends Tool. We love it so much here at Kinetix that we wrote an entire guide on how to use this tool to drive traffic to your jobs. You can download that guide here. Hope you find it as useful as we do!

Hopefully the tips we outlined above will give you good insight into optimizing your budget and campaigns on Indeed so you can maximize your spend and attract the right applicants. Focusing your recruitment marketing spend on Indeed should be part of your talent acquisition plan in 2017 and beyond. If you need a partner in these efforts or just want to talk a little recruitment marketing shop, drop us a note and let’s chat.

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