How To Snare The Purple Squirrel

Ah, the ever-mythical purple squirrel. It‚Äôs a recruiting concept as present as ‚Äúthe funnel.‚Äù Recruiters are always on the hunt for the purple squirrel: that perfect candidate that will make your client pick up the phone and cry, ‚ÄúHow did you find them? They‚Äôre amazing!‚Äù 

But what do you do when the purple squirrel is in sight, but a little too wily for you to catch? I‚Äôm talking about the candidate who has the perfect resume, golden references, and perfect team-building skills, but may not necessarily be looking for a new gig. 

Don’t wait for a long winter. There are techniques you can use to snag that talent and become a recruiting legend (like the people of Kinetix)!

1. Bail on the Boredom

Don’t stick to your run-of-the-mill emails and notifications. Make it personal, show some flair! Taking that personality to the job description itself can be the very thing that makes that candidate stop and take notice so that you can start the conversation.

2. Move Away From Mondays

Did you know that a huge amount of job postings and hiring decisions are made at the beginning of the week? Sticking to your normal recruiting flow can help you stay on track, but we‚Äôre in the market for unique situations here (especially when it comes to free-time and opportunity). Take some time to disrupt the flow and contact your candidate at the end of the week so you can check in on how they‚Äôre really doing. People tend to have slower work days on Thursdays and Fridays anyway, so they‚Äôll actually have time to engage with your communications, put in an application, and ask meaningful questions instead of sending you straight to spam. 

3. Vamp the Value

Candidates aren’t attracted to your standard job anymore. What really sets a role apart is a culture and benefits system that shows that they will truly feel more fulfilled at their future workplace. Take note from this study compiled by Fractl:

Find your client’s unique factor and market it accordingly. Who knows? Your purple squirrel may be in the market for a free yoga class!

As LinkedIn notes, ‚ÄúFor critical jobs, 95% of the people you want to hire aren‚Äôt looking.‚Äù It‚Äôs your job as a rockstar recruiter to change their minds and get that placement!

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