How To Use Periscope for an Engaging Company Culture

I feel like Periscope fell off the face of the Earth. It was HOT for a couple of years… 2015 and 2016… but this year I haven’t heard much about it.

Which is sad, honestly, because it’s a killer tool to use for internal communications and marketing at your company. That’s why I’m bringing periscope back and we’re talking all about how you can use it to encourage your employees to engage and be involved at your company.

And, no. It’s not the same as using Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories, etc.

So listen.

Sometimes showing is so much easier than telling.

You may have remote employees that want to be more connected with you.

You may want to give company updates to the team as a whole.

You may hire newbie team members that need a rundown on how to use software (or they might just have a lot of questions they’re nervous to ask.)

If you’re a SUPURB company, you probably give shoutouts and “kudos” (that’s what we call them at Kinetix) and recognize your fabulous employees for their jobs well done.

Did you think “YUP” to any of the above? Then Periscope can help you out.

Periscope is a live broadcast video tool that is also linked to Twitter

You can shoot live video broadcasts via Periscope and the app will alert your followers when a live video is being filmed. Followers and users of Periscope can interact with your video real-time while you‚Äôre broadcasting live (great for employee interaction and Q&A). What makes Periscope different than Snapchat or Instagram Live, is that you have the ability to save the video to your camera roll and share it natively across other platforms or send it privately to a select group of people.

Not sold yet?

Here are some ideas on how YOU can use Periscope to boot your internal communications with team members and take your company culture to the next level:

Announcements ‚Äì share major company announcements, goals, new client wins, goals met, fun perks for employees, life moments, etc. with your team. You can create CUSTOM groups of followers on periscope and make it only visible to them. So maybe you‚Äôre a recruiting coach with a team of 7? Create a periscope group with them to share exclusive team content, goals, get feedback, etc.

Demonstrations, how-to, tutorials – if you have a software, a leadership training, social media training, app tutorial, how to use scheduling/planning tools, etc.

Live event video – share internal events on periscope! Fundraisers, happy hours, holiday parties, lunch and learns, etc. Not only would your remote team members appreciate this, but potential candidates might be checking you out too and want to be a part of all the fun you’re having…

Q&A sessions – who doesn’t LOVE a good Q&A? These are so valuable and gives the chance for your employees to speak up and ask questions they may not otherwise feel comfortable to ask if not prompted. Have a few questions ready ahead of time to get the ball rolling and others will soon chime in.


Periscope is a dynamic tool to add another dimension to your company culture. Come up with a plan of action, figure out what you want to broadcast, and get started!


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