Knock, Knock, Knock: The Millennials Are Here.

“Soon Millennials will dominate the workforce, and it is time to embrace the advantages they bring.”- Forbes Magazine

In the recruiting world, specifically as a recruiter, you are hit with reqs left and right and the pressure to perform and hire top talent is on. As you are shuffling through resumes do you often throw away or click “next” on millennial resumes with not much experience? I think you have and that is why I am here to tell you, STOP. The millennials are on the rise and they often have more benefits than not.

The biggest perks of hiring millennials are that they offer a Fresh Perspective, Technical Skills, and Cost Reduction.

Fresh Perspective.

Millennials often come with a fresh slate which means you as a recruiter can easily mold them to fit the client’s needs. Asking questions to see how they adapt to new things and take feedback with training will help you get down to the nitty gritty if they will be a good fit.

Technical Skills.

Is your client demanding the candidates be technically savvy and adaptable? Millennials are digital natives, making technical skills their second language. Use these skills millennials are basically born with to help you sell them to the client.

Cost Reduction.

The biggest benefit of millennials is that they come with zero to little corporate experience, making them a cheap lunch date. If you can save your clients’ checkbooks when hiring millennial talent then they might come back knocking on your door to fill more reqs, which means more commission for you.

You know your client, and you know their business needs. Trust your gut, and hire the best. You never know, it just might be a Millennial.

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