New Year, New Recruiting Tactics

The year is winding down enough that we can all admit that we’re just holding out for 2019 at this point. 2018 is more or less over, so… what did we learn?

Our amazing recruiters at Kinetix have regular powwows to trade strategies, meet the new faces, and (more importantly) air grievances that lead to new conversations. One of the major problems recruiters often face is no-show candidates. Is there anything more embarrassing than going through the slog of prepping and suggesting a candidate to a client who ultimately falls off the face of the Earth when the interview comes around?

Can you say credibility killer?

Not only does it reflect badly on the individual (almost) interviewee and not give us the much-needed hire we all want, but it can also make our internal recruiting team look bad by backing a flaky candidate. That’s not a good look for any of us.

What can do to fix this?

In short, we have to hold their hand.

Job hunting is stressful, and many times fear can lead to indecision, which can lead to empty chairs in the client’s office. The fix: our recruiters make themselves readily available for any questions the candidate may have leading up to the interview—we are their liaison to the company after all. If they wonder where the interview is or what questions they may potentially be asked, we should help them! We’ve got the inside scoop and the more prepped the talent is, the better.

Alternatively, we can hold them accountable.

If you’re looking for a more aggressive (and honest) approach, open the line of communication between you and the candidate and remind them that things like no-shows can (and will) affect their future career opportunities. This particular role may not top their prospect list, but if they refuse to even show up, they could be denied a better opportunity with that same company because their attitude left a bad taste in the company’s mouth.

Who wins then? The candidate that showed up, that’s who.

And finally, you can become their new day planner.

We’re talking consistent reminders here. Not pestering—we’re not trying to end up in a spam folder—but even a simple message at 5pm on Wednesday to remind them of their 10am interview on Thursday can help jog the memory of the most Dory-like of candidates. It may seem simple and even feel like overkill, but hey, people make mistakes. It’s our job to make sure they don’t make one that can cost them the job and an awesome career opportunity.

Bonus Tip: Keep yourself up to date by accurately and regularly updating that fancy ATS your company invested in!

The more people we contact and connect with (recruiters and candidates alike), the more successful we can be. Remember: recruiting isn’t a magic show—we don’t want anyone to disappear, especially promising talent!

Now we want to know–what methods work for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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