Part 2: Baiting Your Hook – How To Post Content That Will Lure In Top Candidates

In Part One we talked about creating an awesome profile on all of the major social media outlets where those big purple basses are lurking. Gold star for you if you did—step one of building your social brand is complete!

Now it‚Äôs time to get those candidates biting.  

Your sleek new social presence exudes credibility, and now it’s your chance to keep the momentum going. Sure, your new look will get their attention. But what will keep them circling your hook is the intriguing bait you dangle on it—AKA the content you publish to your profile.

As a recruiter or employer branding pro, you have a ton of free time to scour the internet for relatable content, right?

Just kidding, we both know you have action items coming out your ears. When you are looking for quality content here are a few places you can go:

Feedly – is a free site for sourcing blog content that you can customize to your interests. For example, type in “recruiting” and watch the search results deliver gold mines for written content. You can also enable key word alerts, to help you stay current on specific topics.

Company Site- Your company’s homepage has a plethora of information, and posting specific topics addressed on the site can help tie your brands together. Mission statements, leadership pages, job descriptions, etc. are all good stuff. Bonus points if your company has its own blog to snag content from!

Industry Gurus- If you haven’t already followed the top names in talent through Feedly, find thought leaders that publish their own blogs, or contribute to someone else’s. These people are usually easy to spot, and very successful in their field. For example, Kinetix snags content from some of our C-Suite personnel to start conversations on our own social media pages.

Original Content- Nothing establishes you as an important resource and valuable connection like showing your knowledge off. This gives you the best personal edge, and lets you talk about your past experiences in the field. If you’ve got something cool to say, say it, because your followers will listen. This will be the most attractive bait, so give those fish what they came for by being shiny and personable.

Human Interest Accounts- This is specifically a Twitter and Facebook move. Feel free to retweet or share something that you find humorous—it’s OK to remind your followers that you are a person. However, know where the line is. Inappropriate content can break your brand and leave you in troubled waters. But a great piece of content can really bridge the gap between you and your followers, and even bring more towards your hook. Better brush up on that meme game!

I bet you already have some great content in mind, but remember one more thing:

Posting an article or blog on its own can take the focus off of your expertise and brand. At the end of the day you are building your online brand, not the content writer’s. Before you press that publish button, share a few eye-catching words about the content to really draw yourself into the conversation.

You will have the best candidates hooked in no time. Next week we will talk about establishing a personal connection and reeling them in.

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