Part 3: Hooking the Big Purple Bass – How To Get The Conversation Going (FREE Message Template)

In Parts 1 + 2 we talked about “Profersonalizing” your social media accounts and posts to attract the perfect big, purple bass.

If you did, then you probably already have a few quality fish circling and following your pages. Aren’t you glad you gave them something to nibble at?

Now it’s time to reach out to your sourced candidates and get them hooked. There are a few rules to be mindful of when contacting a potential new candidate via social media:

Keep it fresh

 A little research before the initial contact can make all of the difference! Get to know their profile, what past positions they‚Äôve held, and what companies they associate with. What have they been posting about? Who do they follow? Why could they have left that position?

Find a way to bring some of that into the message and let them know they aren’t just another copy and paste attempt. Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s time to start typing.

Spend some quality time with the subject line

 This is where your relationship begins. Craft a subject title that would make you do a double take, because 35% of messages are opened solely based on that piece. If it doesn‚Äôt jive with them, they aren‚Äôt opening it.

This is your first chance to establish a relationship, so be genuine! Just remember that a subject line is not the place to outline your entire message. Mention what sparked your interest in a few words. Keep it short, catchy, and light.

Bonus points if you use their name in the subject line.

Example: Mary, you sure seem to know your way around a Boolean String

Now we are diving into the good stuff—the actual message.

Choose your words wisely

 Let‚Äôs start with the intro‚Ķ Get rid of it. That was easy, wasn‚Äôt it?

During the initial contact, the traditional intro takes away valuable scanning time that you could be using to talk about them and the potential new position—because this is what really matters at this stage.

Once you have peaked their interest, it’s ok to have a little info about the organization and yourself sandwiched in the middle. And make sure you tag the social pages associated with the organization. If your contact really wants to know all about you and your company, they can follow your name back to your page.

Told you that social profile you’ve been perfecting was worth it!

Let them know that you are connected

 If you sourced a person via another network connection, let them know! Use that person‚Äôs name in the body of the message.

This little trick heightens your chances of receiving a reply, and it’s a great way to break the ice before your initial phone call. It may lead you to a better conversation about goals and career paths.

Lastly, give a great sign off

 Leave the potential new candidate feeling like your door is always open. Even if they aren‚Äôt looking for an immediate change, you have planted the seed.

Your genuine message (and awesome profile) will make you the recruiter of choice during their next job hunt.

Summarize your purpose without putting pressure on the contact to get back to you ASAP. They are more likely be open to your efforts if you just lay the bread crumbs… making your next follow up conversation a day at the lake.

BONUS! It’s your lucky day: see below for a sample InMail/Direct Message:

Hi Mary! Thanks for accepting my invitation to connect a few months back. You can never be too well-networked in recruiting!

I saw your profile and had to reach out when I read about all of your IT project management experience at _____, and the part you played in the website redesign for _____. You’ve got some awesome skills under your belt!

I wanted to send you a quick note to say “hello”, and let you know in the event that you are ever looking for something new, I’ve got some great opportunities in my bag. (If you have a specific position in mind you can go into a little detail, but keep them hooked by giving just enough teasing info about the gig!)

In the meantime, feel free to click around my profile and check out the open positions I’ve been posting.

I look forward to reconnecting,

Joe Shmoe

X Recruiting Company

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