Sharon Schmitt: Seriously Spectacular!

You know Sharon Schmitt!

It‚Äôs impossible not to‚ÄìSharon is one of Kinetix‚Äôs most familiar faces, always Skyping into our general meetings and being the rockstar recruiter we know and love. In fact, word on the street is that she‚Äôs about to celebrate her eight year anniversary. We know‚Äìtime flies!

So what makes Sharon #AllInForKinetix? We asked her all about her great journey with us and what’s kept her Bleeding Orange for nearly a decade.

What made you join Kinetix over other companies? 

I decided to join Kinetix because I had the opportunity to be a part of the exciting start of an RPO partnership with a big name client in the payment technology industry.  I thought it would be a great opportunity to work on-site with our client and help build our RPO from the ground up!

What is your role like here at Kinetix?

Currently, the majority of my recruitment is within the healthcare/nursing space.  I‚Äôm also starting on new HR positions within a major client, which is exciting!  My recruiting role has changed and grown quite a bit since I‚Äôve been with Kinetix.  I started off recruiting a variety of positions with my main client‚Äìranging from customer service to managerial roles within their main operations center. Along the way, I‚Äôve worked with many clients, and I love how my recruitment knowledge base has grown, allowing me to flourish into many specialties.

What changes have you seen during your time here?

Throughout my tenure with Kinetix, I have seen substantial growth within the company.  We‚Äôve partnered with many new clients and hired internal staff to support the growing business. I‚Äôve also seen great process improvements and technological advances over my time here as well!

What has made you stay with Kinetix? 

I‚Äôve stayed with Kinetix for many reasons! I like to be challenged and I always have new opportunities when it comes to recruiting. Kinetix has provided that opportunity and has offered great support along the way.  Additionally, I love working with our leaders, my colleagues and internal team members‚Äìthey make the work environment amazing, even as a remote employee!

What do you think Kinetix stands for? 

I believe Kinetix stands for quality and passion within the world of recruitment.  The entire team truly strives to be the best at identifying quality candidates and developing excellent, long-lasting client relationships. We all go the extra mile to support each other in a fun, positive work environment!

That’s why you know Sharon so well, folks. Her commitment to providing the best for everyone with the best attitude possible is intrinsic to what’s important for the Kinetix team.

Shout out to Sharon on her Kinetix anniversary—keep doing amazing work!

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