Should You Start a Podcast to Boost Your Recruiting Efforts?

There‚Äôs something about the spoken word that is more intimate, more personal, more accessible, and more engaging than the written word. I personally love a good podcast‚ÄîI love to hear other experts‚Äô opinions, industry talk, advice, stories, etc. As I listen to some of my favorite wellness, branding, and marketing podcasts, I feel like I begin KNOWING the person. A podcaster favorite of mine and I could cross paths on the street and I could totally ask them about their business, family, fun things they did last month (creepy ??) ‚Ķ but it‚Äôs 100% true and it‚Äôs 200% why podcasts are so valuable.

Should you trade the written word for a microphone?

I wouldn’t neglect a good old-fashioned blog, but podcasting is where the tide is shifting, and this medium could really take your recruiting efforts to the next level.

Below are some fool-proof ideas for podcasting topics to help boost recruiting:

  • Interview industry thought leaders on hot topics in the space
  • Interview your current employees on how they got started at your company, how they were recruited, tips for applying, what their job is like, daily tasks, favorite things about the company, etc.
  • If you have a successful relationship with a client you do projects for, interview them about what it was like working together, what they project was, tips on working with major brands (or small biz!)
  • Interview a recruiter and ask them to share their top 5 interview questions they almost always ask candidates, how they gauge answers, etc.
  • Interview another recruiter and have them identify what the ‚Äúideal candidate‚Äù for a ___ position looks like!
  • Share the story behind your company, how it got started, the history, founding members, what inspired them, advice for future entrepreneurs

There’s an opportunity to get deep with podcasting through capturing stories of employees, sharing tips and tricks, or interesting banter back and forth between experts. Any serious job-seeker is going to suck all of this information up in one sitting.

GUESS WHAT? At Kinetix, we have our own podcast Talent Sniper Radio—a podcast for recruiters, by recruiters. Ch-ch-check it out for some super fun podcast inspiration of your own

Podcasting is an avenue that cannot be ignored. Plus, it’s an excuse to talk to potential candidates every week!

PRO TIP: The goal is to get potential candidates back to your careers site to apply, right? So always end the podcast (or do a short pitch in the middle) with a call to action that directs listeners to go check out your careers site and APPLY!



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