Step Up Your Recruiting Game on Instagram Pt 2: Capturing The Branded Moments That Matter

In our last post we talked about getting your organization‚Äôs Instagram page up to date and employer branded‚ÄîI bet you‚Äôve already got some eyes on it just waiting to see what you will do next.

Let’s show them what you’ve got

 Now that you have a branded profile page, it‚Äôs time to fill it up with some legitimizing photos. You are probably thinking ‚Äúwhat constitutes a photo worthy moment?‚Äù

Here are some prime photo opportunity moments, and what they will do for your employer brand:

  • Everyday Culture Examples: These opportunities can be still shots from around your workspace, holiday party highlights, or even yesterday‚Äôs ping pong match between the office paddle pros!

Giving your audience a peek behind the curtain is a great way to let them virtually experience your office life. And if your culture is as great as you think it is, there should be no issues getting a great shot!

Be authentic and don‚Äôt sell your company to be something it‚Äôs not. Employer branding on social media is all about highlighting the document-worthy moments that sum up who you are‚Ķ not who you want to be.

Long story short – don’t deceive your audience, use your Instagram to include them in day-to-day company activity.

  • Employee Recognition: Everyone likes to feel appreciated for what they do, especially company employees. You can kill two birds with one post by showing off your talent to your followers, while also boosting your employee engagement.

Employee recognition can be anything from a clip from achievement ceremony to a short quote about a team member. Just make sure you give details in the description so that the audience can find a connection with the individual or event.

By seeing your workplace‚Äôs everyday heroes rewarded for their hard work on your Instagram, you are encouraging potential new candidates to further engage with your brand.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Our organizations work hard to put community outreach programs into action, so it is only right to spread the positivity and excitement to your followers!

Posts about charitable outreach and community support help Instagram users be a part of the journey to your donation or volunteer goal.

These posts not only show potential clients and candidates how proud you are of your organization’s efforts, but they also get your employees pumped to support the program.

  • C- suite involvement ‚Äì Everyone loves to get a little face time with higher ups in organizations, even if they aren‚Äôt a member of the team.

By adding photos and videos of your CEO and other C-suite personnel interacting with employees, you are showing your audience how accessible they are to your team.

When crafting a C-suite post, make sure you put the higher-up’s title and Instagram handle in the description.

It is also important to note what is going on in the photo or video so that your followers can feel like they were a part of that awesome moment.

You are all set to start snapping branded photos for your Instagram!

Be sure to catch next week’s blog post about finishing off your IG posts with the perfect #hashtags!

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