Talent Mixtapes: Crossing the Finish Line

The hiring season is picking back up, and that means one thing for recruiters as awesome as the ones at Kinetix: we’re landing perfect placements left and right!

Yes, yes, we have a formula to how we find the purple squirrel for our candidates (some may even call it the Secret Sauce), but there is an integral part of the hiring process that cannot be ignored. It‚Äôs our musical version of the touchdown dance. 

There’s really no limit to how we shout-out our awesome recruiters (seriously, check out our social media for pictures from our pancake breakfast celebrating our stretch goal success), but the ones our musically-inclined Kinetix folks really dig is from our Talent Mixtapes.

So, what is on the playlist for finding the best and brightest candidates and getting them to the hiring finish line?

  • I‚Äôve Got My Mind Set On You ‚Äì George Harrison 

There‚Äôs something about George‚Äôs familiar chorus that our recruiters really relate to. Recruiting takes patience‚Äîa lot of patience‚Äîbut when you see the right candidate out in the wild, our recruiters will take their time and keep their eyes on the prize.

  • I Only Want to Talk To You ‚Äì The Maine

Remember when your candidate let slip that their new position seemed more in line with their values than their last job did? Yeah. The Maine knows that candidate just lucked out.

  • I Gotta Feeling ‚Äì Black Eyed Peas

TFW the hiring manager called you minutes after your candidate‚Äôs interview and couldn‚Äôt stop praising them for their insightful answers. You can practically hear the sound of champagne bottles popping in the background. 

  • Don‚Äôt Stop ‚ÄòTil You Get Enough ‚Äì Michael Jackson

Hiring manager, candidate, and recruiter alike‚Äîdon‚Äôt let negotiations stop you from creating the perfect hiring solution possible!  

  • Simply the Best ‚Äì Tina Turner

You did it! You are the success story we love to tell. You are happily past their official placement and the candidate is settling in fabulously to their new career. But you knew it all along, didn‚Äôt you? Because you‚Äôre simply the best, better than all the rest! 

It‚Äôs still early in the month, but I can already hear the Queen of Rock around the Kinetix offices. What‚Äôs your favorite tune to jam out to?  

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