The 2018 Resolution for Top Recruiters

The time of year we have all been waiting for (AKA dreading) is upon us, and we ALL know what that means. It’s time to declare the 2018 resolutions that we will be “committing” to starting January 1st.

Those quotation marks? Not a typo – we are just being realistic here. Saying sayonara to less than beneficial personal practices or adding a new boost to your recruiting routine in the new year can be difficult for even the most focused talent industry pros. Like it or not, it’s time to break old, familiar habits and settle into a new groove when moving through the hiring process.

So how can talent industry peeps stay true to their new year’s promises long enough to reap the rewards?! Cross out the word “resolution“, and replace it with “challenge“.

Do we have your attention now? We thought so.

Listen up – recruiters love a good competition, even if it is against themselves. A year-long challenge can be a tad overwhelming when it comes to trying something new, so why don’t we start with just the first 30 days of 2018. Here’s a challenge that will get your recruiters started off strong – connect with a different person in your network every day for 30 days.

Think you’re up for it? These are a few reasons why you should partake in this month-long contest:

I. You’ll Keep Your ATS Fresh and Up-to-date

Dropping your former candidates and applicants a note will help you keep your records on the up and up, while also reminding talent that you exist!

Who knows – this small gesture could lead to new conversations about goals and career paths that you may not have had otherwise with your talent pool.

II. Opportunity Knocks When You Do

Don’t take that literally, unless you like going door to door like an old-school vacuum salesperson. Reaching out to your talent network and refreshing your candidates’ profiles can segue into the perfect opportunity to talk shop – AKA open opportunities you have on your desk.

Even if the connection isn’t looking for something new, you now have the perfect set up to mine for referrals. Talent attracts talent, so work your requisitions to make the most of these calls!

III. You Will Reestablish Yourself As Their Recruiter Of Choice

Just because you placed a candidate doesn’t mean the jig is up. In this heated market, talent doesn’t just sit still after finding a gig – they always have an antenna up waiting for a hot new opportunity to present itself. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who serves it up on a silver platter?

Don’t treat your previous hires like the ghosts of placements past – staying in contact will keep them engaged in your personal brand and in tune with your relevant open roles.

A 30-day challenge is an exciting way to hit the ground running (and recruiting) in 2018, are you ready to start yours?







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