The Art of Follow-Up

Do you ever get stuck on how to follow-up with your hiring manager?  Look no further‚Äîthe Kinetix marketing gurus are at your service. We know as a recruiter you have a busy and action-packed day and sometimes follow-up up can be left at the end of a to-do list. The art of follow up truly is an art and is something that is essential in getting candidates‚Äô resumes on your hiring managers desk.

So how do you follow up?  Well, as tempting as it is to pick up the phone, it is not the preferred method of first contact according to recent research with hiring managers. In the research, the majority of hiring managers preferred a more passive approach, like email.

The key to getting the attention with your emails to hiring managers is being short and sweet. Again, they are busy people and so are you — so the shorter the better. The whole point of follow up by simply sending out a little email reminds them that you care; not to mention, it will make your life easier.

Now let’s talk when and what you need to say in order to master the art of follow-up:

      1. When you have just gotten off an Intake call: Hi {Client Contact}, It was great speaking with you. I wanted to send you an email to document details that I heard on the intake call.  Can you take a quick look and let me know what I missed? {Then simply list all points discussed during your intake call}
      2. After a few days of no resumes: Hi {Client Contact}, Don‚Äôt worry I haven‚Äôt forgotten about you. I‚Äôm talking to potential candidates already, but none have passed my scrutiny yet. I am pretty darn picky!  I‚Äôm still working on finding you that purple squirrel. Talk soon!
      3. After a week of no resumes: Hi {Client Contact}, I haven‚Äôt found the perfect candidates for you yet, but wanted to let you know that I am working diligently on this. 
      4. You have submitted a resume and have had no response after 24/48 hours: Hi {Client Contact}, I sent over a resume of {Candidates name}!   Did it get swallowed in your email?  I think {he/she} would be a great fit for you and your company.  Let‚Äôs talk so we can set up an interview with {Candidates name}!  Talk soon!
      5. When you have hit a resume ‘Black Hole’ and have had no response for several days: Houston we have a problem {Client Contact}, Has my candidate fallen into a black hole? Alert NASA. Talk soon!
      6. Need an update after phone interview, send this follow-up note: Hi {Client Contact}, I’ve talked to {Candidate name}—let’s get on the phone and compare notes. Talk soon!
      7. Need an update after an in-person interview 24-48 hours: Hi {Client Contact}, I‚Äôm not quite sure if {Candidate name} dazzled you or if they aren‚Äôt the perfect fit.  Let‚Äôs talk pronto to compare notes.  I am ready to start celebrating if should {he/she} be the selected candidate!
      8. To confirm a hire: Hi {Client Contact}, {Candidate Name} has accepted the offer for {position title}!  We show the start date of {insert date}! How can I help get things rolling? Thanks!
      9. Follow up after a successful placement with a hiring manager: Hi {Client Contact}, We did it! {Candidate name} is ready to rock ‚Äòn‚Äô roll.  We make a great team‚Äîwhat‚Äôs next? Talk soon!
  1.  If you follow up after each of these nine steps in the recruiting process, we can guarantee you will no longer get stuck on following up. On top of that, you will help build a good and long lasting relationship with your hiring manager. Want to learn more about why follow up is important? Check out my blog post from last week discussing The Importance of Following Up with Hiring Managers!

    Good luck out there!

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