The Best Resources To Find The Perfect Music For Your Video

Did you know when professional video editors edit film, they don’t edit with music from the get go? This is because if good footage is shot, music isn’t needed to help edit and tell the story. Music and sound effects are added to the project as one of the final stages of post-production, as audio editing is an art all in of itself.

Even though audio is saved as the final touch in the editing process, it’s still regarded as one of the most powerful aspects of video. Music can make or break the personality of the video. It can manipulate the scene to evoke emotions and make your audience feel the way you want them too. It sets the mood. It sets the scene. There’s also voice over editing, adjusting volume levels, synchronizing audio clips with video clips… “video editing” is more than just video, and it’s a lot of work.

When I edit video for our Kinetix Buzz clients, which is usually a middle shot interview style of their employees (used as part of a recruitment marketing strategy), I like to place a music track that represents their company brand and voice behind the voice track of the subject to bring the interview to life—aka a “backtrack”.

Here is a list of some of my favorite resources for audio and sound effects to use during the sound editing process for video and animation editing:

  • PremiumBeat: This is a vast resource for audio files. You can download free 15, 30, 60-second clips, but they will have a ‚ÄúPremiumBeat‚Äù audio mark about every 12 seconds in, which you will need to edit out. Or you can purchase full tracks for $49. Overall, great library for affordable, royalty-free audio.
  • Wisitia‚Äôs Music Collection (FREE): This is a free collection of 8 backtracks from another reputable source for video editors.
  • YouTube Audio Library: It‚Äôs pretty well known that YouTube is picky and protective about the music that goes up on their site‚Ķ even if it‚Äôs a simple backtrack. YouTube has its own audio library for you to browse and download free music that is acceptable according to their copyright policies.

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