The Tools You Need to Kickstart Your Recruiting Podcast

There’s a podcast boom going on right now, and it’s here to stay.

From business, finance, and blogging, to mystery stories and fitness—there is a podcast niche that fits everyone in.

Even HR and Recruiting… Just check out Talent Sniper Radio, a podcast for recruiters, by recruiters featuring incredible guests in the space.

Thinking about starting a podcast now? Well, you should. The time is now. And it’s easier to start one than you’d think!

Below is a list of the technology tools you’ll need to kickstart your recruiting podcast:

Mic + Computer + Internet

The bare minimum equipment you’ll need to start a podcast is a laptop with a built-in microphone and access to the internet. However, using a built-in mic may not give you the quality sound that’s needed to keep up in the podcast game today. But that’s a simple fix as there are many USB microphone setups that are affordable, easy to use, and produce quality sound. These USB mics are made for easy plug-and-play use:

Yeti by Blue

Yeti by Blue kit with headphones and pop filter

Technica ATR2500

Recording Software

After plugging in your USB mic, you’ll need software to record your actual podcast. Audacity is a free software program that a lot of podcasters use to record. If you have a Mac, you can use Garageband just as easy to record. If you subscribe any Adobe software, you can even use Adobe Audition to record and edit your podcast.

Media hosting

After recording your new, shiny podcast, you’ll have to find it a place to live—aka—hosting. The top places to upload and share your podcast are Soundcloud,, Amazon S3, Podomatic, Podbean, Buzzsprout, Blubrry, and Libsyn. There are much more podcast hosting solutions out there that will fit your needs depending on your budget and bandwidth.

After you get all your equipment, you’re ready to go! Next steps would be to start making a list of who you’d like to have on your podcast, plan episodes, guests, and topics, create scripts for your guest to follow if needed, and when you’re done upload to iTunes!

**Note: depending on which hosting site you use, the process of uploading your final edited podcast may differ. Check with your hosting provider for instructions. **

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