The Two Things Every Good Recruiter Should Try and Avoid

As a recruiting firm, it is our duty and responsibility to keep you up to date on what’s hot and kicking in the recruiting world.

Part of that is looking at what others are doing out in the recruiting space and taking their advice and expanding upon it.

Recently, we stumbled on some advice given out by Brendan Browne, LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting. Talk about knowing your stuff and being one of the best recruiters in the world.

Browne posits that there are 2 big no’s every good recruiter should try and avoid.

  1. When recruiters set unrealistic expectations.
  2. When recruiters make impersonal cold calls.

These seem like obvious things recruiters should know not to do. The heartache is that these do happen. At Kinetix, we encourage our recruiters to follow the wise words of Browne and so should you.

Let’s break it down…

  1. When recruiters set unrealistic expectations.

What does this mean? How can it be avoided?

The idea of the elusive purple squirrel is something that‚Äôs taught from an early recruiting age. This squirrel is the ultimate goal. The reality is that setting such high expectations for top talent that will check every box could lead you on a wild goose chase‚Äîor rather a wild purple squirrel chase.  Recruiting, as you know, is a fast-paced, high-intensity career and sometimes finding that purple squirrel isn‚Äôt possible. What can you take from this? Learn to be flexible. Pick the most important qualities needed in your ideal candidate to find someone to get the job done. Maybe you‚Äôll find an orange squirrel?

  1. When recruiters make impersonal cold calls.

What does this mean? How can it be more personal?

Let‚Äôs look at the facts. LinkedIn conducted a study where they measured the rate of favorable responses to recruiting cold calls sent via LinkedIn messaging. In short, Browne said, they found that the favorable response rate jumped from 28% to 85% when a recruiting pitch included a personal recommendation from a mutual connection. Make it personal ‚Äì  All candidates (not just us millennials) like to feel special.

These are two key things you can avoid as a recruiter to stay on top of your game as you hunt for the best talent out there.

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