Time to Ramp It Up Recruiters

“The biggest problem facing job-seekers today is the abysmal state of the recruiting process in many or most medium-sized and large employers.

The broken recruiting apparatus makes it even harder than usual for a talented job-seeker to get a great job.”

As a recruiter, these two quotes should scare you.

In your role, your ultimate goal should be to fix this process. At Kinetix, we like to think we’re pretty good at recruiting and have some wisdom to impart to you so you can work on this for your company or client.

These are the 10 things we suggest that you, as the recruiting rock star we know you are, can do to let job seekers know you mean business.

  1. Brand yourself – Yes you may be a part of a recruiting firm but your own personal brand will help job seekers find you faster.
  2. Tell candidates they are valued and that your company our client will value them as employees.
  3. Don’t just recruit off of just one source or rely on just job boards – utilize every avenue to find those purple squirrels.
  4. Use your networks, connect with people on social media and join groups on LinkedIn to reach potential candidates.
  5. Show job seekers the world of opportunity.
  6. Research your job and reach out to people who will really fit the bill. This will eliminate time wasted for both parties involved.
  7. Don’t lead on your candidates – if the hiring manager doesn’t think they are the right fit – let them fly free.
  8. Don’t wait for the phone to ring, pick it up and cold call.
  9. Don’t narrow in on one candidate – keep your options open and be ready for your ideal candidate to say no.
  10. You are talented, you are a recruiter – now go out there and really recruit.

We don’t want to read any more articles about the “broken recruiting apparatus.” Use these 10 ways to ramp up your recruiting efforts and go get em’.

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