Why You Should Close Candidates On A Good Note (Even If You Know They’re NOT Going To Get The Job)

Imagine a situation:

You’ve set up an interview on the phone with a candidate.

It’s immediately obvious that you won’t be submitting this candidate due client changing the specs/job requirements—or maybe you realize they’re just not a good fit.

What do you do?

Do you let them off the hook quickly? Because… they’re not going to get the job, so why waste time?

Do you spend the bare minimum on the phone with them?

My take? NO.

It’s important to treat each and every candidate as though they are a hot commodity and with respect. Make them feel excited and valued (even if you know they aren’t going to get the job). And besides just the emotional and human side, you should still spend time learning as much as you can about the candidate because even though they might not be a fit for this job, they could be the #1 pick for a different one in the future! Never burn a bridge.

Also, it‚Äôs important to get to that point of knowledge, respect, and value for our candidates to protect our brand and that of our clients. How you treat talent is a representation of your company and whom you‚Äôre hiring for‚Äîdon‚Äôt forget that! 

Don’t dump a candidate even if you think you’re not going to submit them. WHY?

  • They could have a referral
  • That person could be a hiring manager now or in the future
  • They could refer candidates and/or more business
  • They could be a fit for another job you get next week and you‚Äôd have a preliminary date for them
  • You could also get a split if someone else uses the candidate and you documented them in your ATS and kept track of your data properly

Leave a good taste in their mouth, and they’ll come back.

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