If You’re Nervous About Staffing Agencies…

…then I’m proud of you for giving this article a shot. Hey, not everyone can admit when they’re not certain about a subject! But you came to the right place—our team of talent hunting pros is sharing some undeniable benefits of working with staffing agencies.

#1: You save money.

Already I can feel your hesitation, but it’s true! Staffing and full-service recruiting agencies (like Kinetix, for example…) know what they can provide and have a clear idea of who to source and pursue for your team, because this is far from their first rodeo. You can hesitate at the cost of an agency, but the truth is that your company will save money by limiting the “time to hire.” What that means is that agencies like us will get you the right person for your position faster, which helps your company continue to make money and keep your productivity strong during the recruiting process.

#2: We’ve got a wide range of candidates on speed dial.

Our entire industry is based off finding what growing companies need. That’s how a company like us builds rock-solid talent pipelines. If you’re looking for the best neonatal nurse, we’re able to investigate different channels to find you a phenomenal employee with 30 years’ worth of great references, and wouldn’t you know it? A long history in neonatal care! It’s just what we do.

And how do we do that?

#3: We find passive and active talent that others don’t.

What this means is that we talk to people who are not only actively looking for a job, we search dozens of databases to find people with fantastic skills and spend time with that candidate to see if they’re open to a better position with a cooler employer (AKA, you). If you’re recruiting for your own company, you may only have time to search for active candidates who hang out on networking platforms while you’re balancing the rest of your work. Staffing agencies take the extra time with potential applicants that you just don’t have in your schedule to recruit great candidates for you.

#4: We save you time.

We cannot over-emphasize the fact that our business is devoted to finding you the right candidate. That means all day, every day, we’re combing through various resources to give you the best options possible. When comparing that to managers who have to find time to check their Indeed page once a day in between meetings, the way ahead is clear: let us handle all the detail that goes into recruiting the best talent while you hang back and achieve your goals.

#5: We give you worthwhile placements.

Should you be the poor manager hounded by time in the previous example, you can understand that the margin for error outside of staffing agencies can be quite high, especially when it comes to bad hires. Avoid the hassle and leave it to your staffing agency instead to scout the right fit and skills for your team. Our business is getting you who you need, so we know what questions to ask. We ensure that the employee you see is the employee you get after signing the contract. Your win is our win.

Don’t be nervous about partnering with staffing agencies! We are, quite literally, here to help. Take a deep breath and let bomb.com places like Kinetix give you the best workplace possible by stacking your team.

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