Behavioral Interviewing is NOT Dead

When behavioral interviewing doesn’t work well, it’s because you haven’t given your managers the training they need to be successful.

Actually, you might have given them the training… What you haven’t done is given them the gift of FAILURE.

The reality is that people (your managers) need to fail and feel the crush in order to learn, grow, and rebuild as even better leaders of people.

How can you get them to experience this failure and regrowth? Practicing and role-playing.

That’s right—get your managers in a role-play situation, put them on the spot, give them a chance to put behavioral interviewing to practice… and watch them squirm. They’ll realize it’s not easy.

But, behavioral interviewing is a skill that needs to be developed‚Äîand moments of failure and moments of difficulty will propel them into becoming the leaders you want them to be.

Behavioral interviewing is not dead. Don‚Äôt ignore it‚Äîdevelop it.

Take a look at this episode of Lean In to hear Kinetix CEO Shannon’s take on behavioral interviewing.

But, wait! If you’re in the market for cool training your managers will actually like, check out our training series called BOSS – Leadership Skills for the Modern Manager.

It’s full of stuff that will engage your managers and give them the skills (and initial failure) they need to get better!

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