How to Cultivate Your Personal Brand as A Talent Acquisition Professional

Here at Kinetix, we’re encouraged to keep our individuality on full display while we tackle the latest and greatest in the HR and recruiting worlds. Heck, even our work pods are decorated with photos, pop culture references, and various character trinkets, and there are more than just rumored sightings of the Nerf gun near the marketing corner.

But what about your larger identity as a recruiter? How can you keep that on display for talent and clients to engage with?

Forbesdetailed the importance of personal branding in the talent acquisition field, noting:

By branding yourself, perceptions are created about who you are and what you can do.  Just as people have expectations for Oprah Winfrey‚Äôs behavior and business decisions, your colleagues, peers, superiors, clients, and potential employers will develop expectations for you based on the personal brand that you define and live.

In an ideal world, people will already know what makes your brand buzzworthy: you’ll get the job done, you’ll do it right, and you’ll bring your own valuable style to the process. But the extra aspect of customizing it to reflect your unique skills and interests can give you, your company, and your clients a leg up.

The easiest way to find your fit when it comes to personal branding and maintaining your sanity is by following these three easy tips.

1. Figure Out What You Want To Say

What do you truly want to be known for? What is your recruiting style really like? Maybe you’re a details person: the recruiter that never forgets to remind a candidate that they have an interview tomorrow. You’re always taking notes and finding the best process for your team. Take your personal truth and turn it into the reason why someone should work with you. Brand yourself as the “Takedown of Typos” or the “Queen of Quality.” The best part of this is that you are the one who decides what you want to be portrayed as—so you can cultivate a brand that really matches your style and sets you apart.

2. Use That Social Game

As a recruiter, you’re already constantly searching the deep pools of the cybersphere to source top-quality candidates. While you’re perusing LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media for elusive talent, take a minute to engage with your own online audience. Something as simple as posting a thought-provoking article about the hiring process can show that your brand is on the cusp of hiring news. Who doesn’t want to be known as a thought leader?

3. Show It Off

Once you know what you want your personal brand to be, start hitting the (metaphorical) streets. Contribute to blogs, start a website, guest-write on anything that strikes your fancy and aligns with your career goals. The real roadblocks to creating a noteworthy personal brand have to do with confidence: do you really feel comfortable toting the title “Queen of Quality?” If you aren’t, then maybe it’s time to rethink what you want to be known for. Otherwise, it’s time to tell that little voice in your head to quiet down and let your inner boss take over.

There’s your homework. Answer the questions “Who are you?” and “What do you want to do?” Soon enough, you’ll cultivate a personal brand that reflects the best of who you are (and who candidates want to know)!

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