Keep Up With Kris Dunn at IHRIM’s Talent Advance Event!

Kinetix‚Äôs own CHRO and marketing mastermind, Kris Dunn, knows A LOT about the talent industry ‚Äì seriously, we consider him our in-house Obi-Wan Kenobi of HR. Lucky for all of us, he loves to share his HR wisdom with other talent geeks across the nation. On Monday, July 9th Kris will be in Cleveland speaking at IHRIM‚Äôs 2018 Talent Advance Program ‚Äì check out the info below to get the scoop on his keynote session!

Digital Transformation and the Future of HR

The people who love to hate HR are quick to refer to the common stereotypes – HR is slow to change, loves to be the policy police and is great at saying no, right? In his presentation, Kris looks at the digital transformation/disruption going on around us, and pitches it as an opportunity for smart HR shops to elevate how the function is viewed in corporate America.

Join Kris as he covers:
  • How consumer trends like on-demand apps, the review economy, low-cost video and corporate/personal branding are natural fits for how you should build your HR practice in 2018 and beyond.
  • What areas of the HR practice these trends naturally fit into and why your talent (candidates and employees alike) are going to demand implementation of the trends in the near future.
  • Why the behavioral makeup of your HR team matters related to their comfort/willingness to transform their HR practice digitally.
  • How smart professionals can use these trends, needs and behavioral profiles to build a business case for digital/tech upgrades.

    Find more cool information about Kris’s upcoming keynote session at the 2018 Talent Advance Program today!

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