New Year, More Collaboration.

As 2016 comes to a close and with 2017 around the corner we can take this time to not only reminisce about the past year but to look ahead about how you and your recruiting team can improve your collaboration.  In recruiting, as you know, it is all about hitting a set number of hires ‚Äì the number you and your recruiting team set from the beginning of the year. What is often forgotten is what is beyond the numbers ‚Äî it is around you, your team, your co-workers. Here are some tips from our HR/Recruiting Pros here at Kinetix on how to look past the numbers and reflect on how you and your team can start the new year off right.

New year, more collaboration.

At, work we know that there will be easy and stressful situations. It is how you handle stressful situations individually and within a team that directly relate to the outcome collaborative success.  2017 holds a standard of more jobs to fill and with that you can update your thinking on the better ways to work collaboratively, that will not only benefit you as the individual but as a whole team.

  1. Have a Common Purpose and Goal- As a team you must from the start have one goal in mind- results. Without this common goal or any common goal, you can’t get anything done as one unified group.
  1. Trust Each Other- It is simple. If you don’t trust each other then you won’t work together in a successful manner.
  1. Clarify Roles- Knowing your team member’s roles in the project or the team will overall create efficiency and flexibility.
  1. Communicate openly and effectively- Miscommunication is not okay and can undermine the success of a team. Seek to understand everyone’s opinions and come up with a unanimous solution to reach your goal.
  1. Appreciate Diversity – Everyone on your team has a different background and outlook. Learn as much as you can from your team members to grow as individuals and as a team.
  1. Balance the Teams Focus– As a team you should not only focus on the success of your team’s efforts but the groups dynamics and relationships to assure that the team is working in an appropriate and collaborative manner.

At Kinetix, we recognize collaboration as a step to success and hope these tips can help you reach your teams maximum potential.

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