No Video Content for Your Talent? You’re Already Losing!

Any marketing film pro understands that the goal of a shoot is to produce and promote “valuable & consistent video content to your target audience with the aim of attracting, engaging, and converting qualified leads.”

How does that apply to you in talent acquisition?

Recruitment 101: Your strategy should always aim to engage anyone who may be qualified for an open position, find the best way to reach and retain them, and ultimately drive them to apply.

Your job is to turn leads into referrals or job submittals, and using video content for recruitment purposes does the same thing. Recruitment marketing video content drives awareness, generates interest, creates consideration, and captures the right audience for the positions you seek to fill.

Using video for recruiting purposes is meant to pull an audience member in and keep them focused long enough to spark curiosity in them about the company or team you’re hiring for.

Quick stats:

Why should YOU use it?

Statistically speaking more candidates are pulled in after watching a recruitment video. People want to physically see what it’s like to be a part of your company. That’s what recruitment videos do when you share employee testimonials about why they chose to work for your company, how much they enjoy their role, the great benefits you have, and any other genuine parts of the organization that you proudly feature on film. Using engaging visuals to accompany written content gives talent a realistic view of your team. In fact, “viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video,” meaning that you have a better chance of filling that recruiting funnel if you engage talent using employer branded video content.

Top reasons videos are a must.

  1. Videos and Google are best friends: It’s as simple as that. Google owns YouTube, so by housing video content on YouTube, you’re more likely to increase your exposure in searches.
  2. Mobile users become another lead: Having relatable and appealing video content that can be viewed on any device will only increase your employer brand’s coverage. Now imagine you have a candidate who is on the fence about an offer. What if a video highlighting key players in their department made the difference between a yes or no? Having a resource that you can provide directly to talent, like a YouTube link or a careers site page with vlogs, and being able to send it straight to them makes it easier to view and share with others as well. Recruitment marketing video content aims at generating leads and turning them into submittals. Since 92% of mobile viewers share videos with other people, the more your content you share, the larger reach you’ll have.
  3. Videos bring trust into relationships: Since an effective recruitment video shows the organization or team in their natural working environments, nothing feels forced. This helps a potential candidate make an informed decision on whether or not the company is a fit for them.
  4. Makes Life Simple. We live in a world where some applicants won’t even fill out a full job application because they’ve provided a resume. A video that answers FAQs about the position, company values, and overall mission is the icing on the cake and gives clarity to what can’t be fully explained with just words.

So now that you have all of the facts, we have to ask…

Why aren’t you using it?

 If an idea can spark a revolution, then think about what a well-produced recruitment marketing video can do. Just think about what doors the right video messaging can open for your hard to place positions. When you use video content to support your talent acquisition function, the sky is the limit on how your team can grow, who could be reached, and the goals that your organization can reach.


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