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The Art of Social Media Posting: #Hashtags


As a recruitment process outsourcing firm that stands on the frontier of recruiting, we like to christen all new Kinetix employees with a healthy dose of social media training. The two social media we most heavily focus on are LinkedIn and Twitter, and[…]

Employment Branding 101


Employer branding is taking the second step from your main brand and reworking a career brand- a brand that appeals to your employees and potential candidates. This is the tactic a company can use to showcase how awesome their company is to attract the[…]

Getting the Right People in the Right Seats


I used to work for a company that practiced the Entrepreneurial Operating System, based on Gino Wickman‚Äôs book Traction. I‚Äôm a fan. There are actually a lot of concepts from this system I‚Äôve brought here to Kinetix. There are two ideas in this book[…]

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