Step Up Your Recruiting Game on Instagram Pt 3: #Hashtag Your Way to Better Audience Engagement

If you‚Äôve been keeping up with this Instagram blog series, then you‚Äôve spent the last two weeks prepping your profile and snapping photos to post. You are almost ready to publish that awesome pic you took at the company kickball game last night‚Äì there is just one more crucial base to cover.

(Hash)Tag- You’re It

 You know that numbers sign you always see in front of random key words and phrases on social media? Well in the biz we call that a hashtag ‚Äì and that little symbol is Instagram gold. Hashtags put the finishing touch on any Instagram post and can be invaluable for employer branding purposes.

This is because hashtags have the power to connect ideas, concepts, and key branding phrases to any photo posted on social media.

Better yet ‚Äì potential candidates can find your posts and profile just by clicking on a hashtagged word. This enables a whole new world of audience members to interact with your brand on Instagram.

Nifty, wouldn’t you say?

Let’s Hash Out The Details

 With great power comes great responsibility, so naturally there are a few guidelines to be mindful of when coming up with your key branding words and phrases.

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as your organization hashtags its way to a bigger and better fan base:

I. Be creative, not confusing ‚Äì Sure, you can highlight puns and little details going on in the photo, but don‚Äôt let the freedom go to your head. Hashtag relevant concepts and brand keywords that relate to the photo.

After all, you don’t want these tags to be too complex. You want to attract an audience through popular word searches, and Instagram makes that pretty easy on you.

After the caption, type the hashtag symbol and then the word you want to use. Instagram will bring up a list of prevalent hashtags using that word. Go for the more popular ones, they are not just commonly used, but also commonly searched.

II. Come up with a branded company hashtag ‚Äì Create a new hashtag that is unique to your company. This will help your audience recognize your posts without even seeing the profile name.

Pick a phrase that will help push your company message. For example, at Kinetix we like to tag #RPORockstars. The phrase tells our audience about who we are and what we do‚Ķ and that we are also rock stars.

Bonus Points: Open the floor, and make it a companywide contest to come up with an organizational branded hashtag. Not only will you boost social media engagement, your employees will have a fun and creative competition on their hands to boost office morale!

III. Beware of the numbers ‚Äì Instagram suggests 3 to 7 hashtags per photo, but in reality, there is no Insta hashtag law to be mindful of. Use your judgment when choosing tags.

Too many can derail your brand’s credibility, and may even make the post look like spam. Too few can make your account look like you’re hosting amateur hour. Choose enough to get your message across, while also looking neat and professional.

IV.  Pause that punctuation ‚Äì As recruitment professionals and employer branding gurus, it feels natural to punctuate everything to perfection. Well, Instagram won‚Äôt get down with that.

Unfortunately, any period, space, dash, or colon will disrupt the hashtag, rendering it useless. It will be a tough habit to break, but in the end, you will be glad you did it.


We use hashtags to gain visibility, so play around with a few in your posts and feel out what works for your audience.

You are now officially ready to put your post on Instagram for the world to see! Happy Hashtagging!

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