Reflecting on 2018: Making Moves with Kinetix Marketing

Ah, the year is finally coming to a close. We couldn’t be more excited to reflect on all of the flashy trends and happenings that flew by us in 2018, both in the talent industry and in society. From Orson Welles-style missile threats, to Amazon’s search for HQ2, to teen Tide pod ingestion, we’ve been given some strange headlines to reflect on (and hopefully learn from).

But we also think that less clickbait news–the Kinetix Marketing team’s crazy awesome expansion this year–also deserves a little attention. We are proud of how we shook things up in 2018, adding four managers, three new marketing coordinators, and one fearless team director. What can we say, we LOVE change (call us low rules).

I asked the other new managers what TWO big changes they spearheaded in 2018 that they are most proud of related to website management, new and existing client accounts, and Kinetix branding– here’s what we all had to say:

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.15.45 AM

“1. We launched five new client careers-sites, complete with featured jobs pulled from the applicant tracking systems, interactive potential career path maps, and comprehensive job category pages to host a variety of written and video content.

2. In the past our Kinetix blog, Tremendous Upside, lived on its own domain, forcing readers to leave the Kinetix website to engage with our content. I moved the blog to the Kinetix site, which does make tracking performance a little more difficult, but the move has already paid dividends, in SEO with the blog boosting our SEO and vice versa. I redesigned the way it looks and feels to something more modern with features that are relevant to our regular users like trending posts, related posts, smart site search, etc.”


“1. With Marketing taking on five clients in 2018, there was an obvious need for a more robust social media management tool–enter Hootsuite. We were able to successfully source and implement this new social media management platform that allows for faster, easier to access analytics and reporting (we previously entered these by hand) and clear content calendars with tiers of approval for managers and clients.

2. Coordinator Stand-Up was created to proactively manage all client deliverables. We meet twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, to get a rundown from the coordinators on their day-to-day tasks and discuss any client updates or special project deadlines. Coordinator Stand-Up serves as a time for the coordinators to express difficulties they are having with any given project, including internal TU posts, creating compelling interview questions, and article/video review to get insight on current interview trends and different writing styles.”

Al Hill

“1. I helped plan and execute three film trips for one of our largest clients across the country. We were able to capture enough footage to make a minimum of 118 employer branded videos for this client to feed our recruitment marketing content strategy beyond the planned calendar. We also delivered on a major push strategy to help our recruiting team, where we identified seven campaigns to increase social ads, written, and video content publishing.

2. With the help of Liam, our Web Manager, we built a talent community for one of our clients that has garnered over 2K community members in just under three months. We build out individual campaigns each month around fresh employer branded content developed by our content team. Each of these campaigns is created around themes, whether that is seasonal or simply built around recruiting campaigns and hard to fill roles. Through these individualized emails each month, we have helped support the exponential growth of this talent community, resulting in a direct increase of applies since the community’s launch.”

Emily Kocoloski

“1. The Kinetix blog, Tremendous Upside, moved back to (shout out to Liam!) and we launched a new content strategy in Q3 resulting in a record number of page views (3,286) and visits (1,060) in September and October. These efforts contributed to Kinetix’ Thought Leadership category win at the 2018 HRO Today Summit.

2. We successfully implemented HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, in Q3, leading to four significant press features surrounding Kinetix leadership in 2018. Not to name drop, but have you ever heard of Authority Magazine and Thrive Global?”


There you have it–we’ve been pretty busy this year making cool things happen for our clients and our own brand.

Stay tuned in 2019 to see what we “creatives” come up with next!



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