Employment Branding 101

Employer branding is taking the second step from your main brand and reworking a career brand- a brand that appeals to your employees and potential candidates.  This is the tactic a company can use to showcase how awesome their company is to attract the right talent!

As hiring becomes more competitive and with the growth of so many social media outlets, traditional employer branding approaches will have to be abandoned. Recruiting leaders will need to learn how to effectively measure employer brand strength and to identify the brand pillars that top candidates care most about.

In today’s fiercely competitive job market it’s all about standing out. We know that establishing and managing a consistent employer brand is a crucial key to recruiting top talent. We have a proven system that allows us to evaluate how a company’s doing.

A study shows that 80% of job seekers today will research an employer online before deciding whether to apply to a position there. When candidates don’t find enough information to convince them the company is worth the switch of jobs, they’ll pass.

In return, employment branding can be related to your consumers making a decision to use your service or purchase products from you by looking at your employment brand. If your company isn’t good enough to work for then why should they use your services or purchase products from you.

If you were smart, you would continue reading and learn more about what Kinetix can do for you.

If not, your loss.

We are far from traditional when it comes to employment branding. In order to stand out among the masses we have learned branding your company’s Career Site is the key to success.

How do we do it?  How do we know? What current employment branding tactics do you have in place currently? Do you utilize social media? Do you have a distinct career brand? Not to brag, but we are experts when it comes to employment branding.

The brand pillars we look at and know candidates love are:

  • You offer visitors more than just a jobs list
  • You highlight real people from your company
  • You customize content to target the candidates you want
  • You use social widgets and your social media pages to promote your employer brand
  • You have a can‚Äôt miss, ‚ÄúApply Now!‚Äù button

Want to see how you will do? How many things in life can you say are free?

That‚Äôs why we created the Kinetix Careers Site and Social Recruiting Audit.  

Use our expertise and feedback as a roadmap to get started – Kinetix is ready to help you as a partner. Kinetix isn’t just your normal HR, RPO and staffing firm. We are different for a reason – We are Kinetix.

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