Recruiter Rapport: Christina Cooper

Recruiter Rapport: Christina Cooper

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There are a lot of companies out there where great recruiters could potentially flex those recruiting muscles. However, for Christina Cooper and myself, there’s no place we’d rather be than Kinetix. During my interview with Christina, we touched on what makes Kinetix so unique.

Christina Cooper has worked for Kinetix for just over 8 months and was promoted to Team Lead after only 2 (and most recently promoted to Coach after less than 9 months!).

Prior to her tenure with Kinetix, Christina worked in Human Resources at a health system, where she was given the opportunity to move into the world of talent acquisition. She fell in love with recruiting quickly and established a personal goal of eventually serving in a leadership role. Her most recent transition to a Coach role at Kinetix has turned her goal into a reality.

Here are some questions that I extended to Christina during our discussion along with a little of my own supportive input.


RH: Christina - what’s different about Kinetix? What made you come here?

CC: I was initially very attracted by the opportunity of being 100% remote. Other than the convenience factor, working remotely has allowed me to gain new perspectives by working with individuals from different backgrounds (and states) right from my home office!

RH: I totally agree and enjoy this culture so much. Adam Darby highlighted what it’s like working remotely in his recent blog “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Working Remote Vs. In-Office”. In my experience, the most progressive organizations can attract dynamic individuals like you because of the ability to be remote.

CC: It really has been a game-changer for me professionally. Our commission model was also a big part in me choosing to join the Kinetix team. In previous roles, I had a set salary. At Kinetix, I’m compensated for any extra work I choose to put in. This really works well for me and my somewhat competitive nature (I’m often competing with myself from the previous month!)

RH: You’re right on the money here! Kinetix has unlimited earning potential in talent acquisition! Salary plus commission is very competitive.

CC: Another thing that I think can’t be understated is the quality partnerships and relationships with co-workers at Kinetix. We have a team of peers that all want to help each other succeed. In addition, we have a formalized process for backing each other up when any of us go on vacation, which is super helpful! I love knowing I can take time off, be out sick, and not worry about my “desk” not being covered.

RH: I know how precious this is. We really do cover each other.

CC: I’m not just saying this, the people here, top-down, genuinely want us to be successful. Kinetix inspires growth. The leadership team wants to help us meet our goals, to earn money, and they really value helping people grow professionally.

RH: In your case, you were interested in moving into leadership from the time you started. You moved quickly to Team Lead within 2 months. Since your promotion, it’s easy to see how you achieved this and inspire those around you. Success inspires success! In fact, I have seen my own performance improve with you as my lead.

CC: Thank you Renee, that really means a lot. I love supporting people first and foremost. I thrive in a fast-paced environment, and that allows me to support our candidates in a way that’s effective -- the candidate market moves fast. We have to be able to move just as quickly. Innovation is also a key part of our team. I love contributing to an environment that is open to new ideas and techniques.

RH: So true, I love how innovation encourages, and how quickly we hire people. It helps us remain competitive and keep our skillset fresh as well.

CC: Our structure (coach vs manager) is a beneficial tool in helping everyone meet their goals. We have a very collaborative culture and flexibility is key when effectively supporting one another.


The Kinetix dynamic is like no other. Since starting here, I’ve been motivated to reach new goals. With such supportive leadership. The sky is the limit!

Throughout my 27 years of talent acquisition experience, I can confidently say I’ve never worked anywhere like Kinetix! If this sounds right up your alley, we’re hiring and seeking more dynamic and intelligent people like you.

When Renee is not recruiting Home Health and Hospice nurses in the Ozarks of Missouri, she can be heard belting out a few Blues songs with her family band. For a singer with a decent memory for details, lyrics are her mental block. She loves superhero movies, music from earlier decades and great food, prepared by someone else. Her favorite self-care includes stress baking and home yoga to counteract said baking.

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