Why Full-Cycle RPO is King

Why Full-Cycle RPO is King

Sourcing is only one part of Recruitment.

Sourcing is often seen as a VIP *(Very Important Part) of Recruiting, and with good reason. Without a proper sourcing strategy, there is no one to recruit!

Truthfully though, a sourcing specialist might not be as interested in being a Full Cycle Recruiter, and vice versa.

Generally, the sourcing people really enjoy the activities of searching, even stalking at times, to build a pipeline or network of candidates. Often, depending on their Sourcing role, that could be where it stops, and they turn over those candidates to a Full Cycle Recruiter. Many of us do all of it, but in some organizations, Sourcing is a different role than “Full Cycle Recruiters or Talent Acquisition Managers”, which is how Kinetix hires us as Recruiters.

One of the things I have always loved about recruiting is the relationship building. When my candidates tell me stories about why they became a nurse, or helping a really difficult situation for a family member be less challenging, it’s easy to build rapport with them right from the start.

I don’t know about you, but I have tremendous gratitude towards the healthcare heroes we know as nurses. They have a very tough job to begin with and man, were these past couple of years more challenging, or what?! If we can find nursing candidates who are willing to seek other nursing jobs at this pandemic crisis time, that usually means they are extremely dedicated to their work and really love to help patients.

Stories are just the beginning of our relationship building, and Full Cycle Recruiting is most successful when the follow up is professionally, politely, and directly coordinated from offer to hire. Again, this is not as easy as it was a few years ago as the “Falloff” rate has increased with nurses considering multiple opportunities all the time right now.

Some of our offers include signoff of letters, background check and preboarding forms to be completed online or via printed paper and bring them with licensure and certifications to a pre-employment screening appointment.

Most offers are contingent upon successful completion of said background screenings and additional drug testing depending on the organization again; these are all a variety of steps and processes during which we may lose our candidate.

They may not be savvy to complete online forms, they may not have former employer information handy, they may not have a ‘clear background’ or accept that a drug screen is a required process for pre-employment. We might not hear back during all of the candidate pre-hire activities so it behooves the Full Cycle Recruiter to call, text and email accordingly. This prevents the falloffs, sometimes.

Unless there was another more competitive offer mid-way after acceptance, OR

  • Someone in the family became ill, OR
  • Covid vaccination is no longer okay with this candidate, OR
  • Spouse will not relocate OR
  • Counter offer was received by candidate by current employer -personally we do try to ‘Always Be Closing’ and avoid this one but you just never know.

THIS is why… we work as recruiting consultants with “Human Resources” known as candidates. They can and will change their minds and have personal issues arise. Always.

I wouldn’t trade the Full Cycle Recruiting for anything. Not even with all the ups and downs.

Renee is one of our many recruiters passionate about finding you the best talent. Connect with us at KinetixHR.com and let's get started today. 

When Renee is not recruiting Home Health and Hospice nurses in the Ozarks of Missouri, she can be heard belting out a few Blues songs with her family band. For a singer with a decent memory for details, lyrics are her mental block. She loves superhero movies, music from earlier decades and great food, prepared by someone else. Her favorite self-care includes stress baking and home yoga to counteract said baking.

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