The Secret to Seasonal Hires Revealed

The Secret to Seasonal Hires Revealed

Ahhhh‚Ķ Fall is in the air; the smell of the seasons turning and pumpkin spice lattes! So you know what that means: it‚Äôs time to start hiring for seasonal employees. Yes, it‚Äôs the beginning of September, but if last year was any indication, you probably should have started in August, if not sooner. 

So how do you find seasonal help with the holidays around the corner and numbers working against you? These tips should help you get this season‚Äôs best hires. 

Start from the Inside

If you‚Äôre a great recruiter (which, if you‚Äôre taking time to read blogs about recruiting, you are), you‚Äôre already a step ahead of most. You have a plethora of leads in the employees you‚Äôve already placed. You have a rapport with those employees, so reaching out isn‚Äôt foreign and you‚Äôre not building a new relationship from scratch. They know and understand their company and they can hype up the organization in a more honest way. That same employee may also possess a network of family and friends that they can refer to you. Closed mouths don‚Äôt get fed, and if you don‚Äôt ask, you‚Äôll never know.

Be Flexible

From how you find candidates, to the type of candidates you contact, to the qualifications you‚Äôll accept, and even the scheduling conflicts you‚Äôll work around‚Äìin recruiting, there are many ways to be flexible. With the talent pool being a bit scarce right now, being adaptable will make the difference in hiring good or bad seasonal talent (and honestly, talent in general, but that‚Äôs another story for another blog). For instance, instead of solely depending on your basic ATS systems, branch out and use platforms such as LinkedIn, Shiftgig, or even Facebook.

Not everyone can work all shifts during the holidays. Keep that in mind when you‚Äôre discussing schedules. Don‚Äôt automatically discount someone who doesn‚Äôt have an open schedule; they may be a perfect fit once you bend a little to make it work. The same goes for looking at qualifications.   

Tie in Learning Points

Look at hiring students or vocational workers. Why? Simple: they need the experience, and you need them to fill spots‚Äìit‚Äôs a win-win. Use your open positions as the stepping stones that talent can use to dip their toes into new fields. Think about partnering with local technical colleges, high schools, and learning programs. You‚Äôll get access to a revolving door of fresh talent and a river that won‚Äôt run dry anytime soon.    

Your own Handy Dandy Notebook

Not an actual notebook, but whatever system you use to keep track of your past hires. Perhaps you had an intern you hired that was phenomenal and would be awesome in a seasonal position that could turn into a permanent position. It doesn‚Äôt hurt to shake that old coconut tree and see what drops. 

If You Stay Ready….

I obviously shouldn‚Äôt have to finish that sentence, but: if you‚Äôre always ready, you don‚Äôt have to get ready. Seasonal talent should be treated exactly like anyone else you hire. No matter the time of year, when you come across these potential candidates, you should always lay the necessary foundation. Have those essential recruitment conversations about what they need, what they‚Äôre looking for, what they‚Äôre expectations are, etc. Having these conversations ahead of time makes it easier for you when it‚Äôs time to hire for positions. 

*Many seasonal employees also like being reoccurring workers at the same places during the holidays and summers: keep that in mind*

Ramping up for hiring seasonal talent doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’re prepared, flexible, and have resources in place that you can tap into, it’ll be easy peasy.

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