Thought Leader Thursday: Rocking Chair Leadership

“I’m on it!”

“We’re moving fast on this one!”
“The team is all over it!”
“Everyone is so busy working on this!”

Activity Does Not Equal Progress

How many leaders have you heard describing how ‘busy’ they are; or, their teams are? How many times did you hear those same updates week after week with no real progress to show for it?
That drives me crazy ‚Ķparticularly when I do it. 

Lots of Hustle (sort of)

Back when I coached youth hockey we had a player on the team who always looked like he was skating hard and trying to make an impact. He was really busy out there! However, he rarely made actual contact with an opposing player, never ventured into the corners, or God forbid, stood in front of the net to endure a cross-check or two.I meet a lot of leaders like that player. Their calendars are jam-packed. Their list of meetings is endless. Their Inbox is always full.

But nothing gets done. Ever.

How About You?

Who on your team is that little hustling skater who never makes any big plays? They probably believe that rocking back and forth all day in a rocking chair actually gets you somewhere! Oh, and, why do we seem to continue to allow that lame leadership style to continue?

I’d love to hear from you.

No Excuses.

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