Turkey & Talent: Giving Thanks for Your Career

Happy Turkey Day to all of our Tremendous Upside readers! Whether you are catching this content in between courses or kickoffs, we truly hope that you are spending today conquering casseroles and reflecting on all of the things that you are grateful for in the presence of friends and family.

Now let’s get down to the turkey and potatoes of it all.

Earlier this month, we reached out to readers through our Tremendous Upside blog, our Kinetix social media profiles, and our personal networks to ask the question “What are you thankful for in your career?” Currently, I am feeling crazy thankful for the AMAZING responses we received from all over the country – snaps for you, TU readers!

These are 10 of our favorite answers:

“Flexibility and growth – I can stretch my skills in so many directions that it’s never boring and I never have the same day twice.”

– Robin, Food and Beverage Professional

“I’m thankful for the comprehensive employee benefits that I can take advantage of at my company, especially work from home opportunities and health care options.”

– Samuel, Transportation Analyst

“I always look forward to office holiday functions; my team makes every day better than the last!”

– Danielle, Marketing Manager

“I have traveled to distant lands, including China several times, and did cool HR stuff. I was also awarded a Best HR Ideas by HR Executive Magazine in 2012 for trading places with a college professor…”

(see full submission here)

– Mark, HR Industry Pro, and Fistful of Talent Contributor

“I love that creative recognition plays a HUGE role in my team’s success, and it’s not always about a tangible reward… they appreciate a kind ‘kudos’ (almost) as much as a Starbucks gift card.”

– Alexa, Recruiting Lead

“I am thankful for the opportunity to write articles about really cool cars.”

– Catherine, Digital Media Marketing Consultant

“So grateful that our office has many secretly talented bakers. I’m always surprised by what people can do!”

– Joseph, Operations Manager

“Our leadership has really committed to new technology this year (specifically a new ATS) that alleviates some of the administrative-driven stress that comes with talent acquisition.”

– Alice, HR Generalist

“I am thankful that I have a team that supports me!”

– Alexandra, Account Manager

“I can’t say this enough – I’m thankful for all of the great candidates that respond and listen to what I’ve got on my desk.”

– John, Senior Recruiter

There you have it, folks. I hope this has helped you feel all of the grateful vibes in your own career and has spurred some inspiration for you to make the most of new opportunities going forward into 2019.

Check out the video below to hear what the Kinetix team is thankful for!


…Now go show that turkey who’s boss.

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