Michelle Grey

Michelle Grey has been a professional organizer since 2003 and certified since 2007. While she works full time at Kinetix as an Executive Assistant, she still makes time for her clients on the weekends. She helps students and their families develop and improve their time management, executive function, and organizing skills. Michelle offers virtual and in-person workshops and in-home consulting. Her website is www.TheStudentOrganizers.com. Michelle is a Past President of the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. She also served as the Professional Development Director both locally and nationally. Michelle has a Master’s Degree in Organization Psychology from Columbia University and she enjoys learning about ADHD, brain function, personality, cognition, behavior, and executive functioning. Michelle has two grown children: a 26-year-old son who lives and works in D.C. and a 24-year-old daughter who will be moving to Atlanta in December after her 4 ½ year stint as a character performer for Disney.

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A Series in Time Management (Part 3)

A Series in Time Management (Part 3)


In my last time management post, I described time passing regardless of someone’s awareness of it and I concluded with this thought, “Becoming aware of time passing is the first step towards managing time.” So, attaining a grasp on noticing the passage[…]