How Kinetix Recruiters set up Hiring Managers for Effective Interviews

How Kinetix Recruiters set up Hiring Managers for Effective Interviews

We’ve heard you all asking it: how does Kinetix do it? What’s in their secret sauce?

While we can’t let you in on all of our trade secrets, there are a few aspects of the Kinetix recipe for success that we can share.

Honest Recruiters

We pride ourselves being transparent in our business. Our recruiters honestly analyze each applicant so that the hiring manager can see each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in the submittal process.

We’re natural salespeople, yes, but at the end of the day our teams’ integrity and honesty that gives us truly amazing results.

A Great Intake Call

Oh, the intake call. We spent a lot of time devising the best way to handle that first intake call, and we found that it boils down to one idea: more.

The more information the recruiter mines, the more open the hiring manager is to dig into what they need, the more a recruiter can get our hiring managers achieving their ultimate goal—having a kick-ass candidate.

And our Kinetix recruiters go farther. A great recruiter takes the intake info, and actively listens—for that thing that may or may not match on their resume, and for things that aren’t a part of resume whatsoever – they simply hear them and file them away.

An Incisive Behavioral Assessment

Great recruiters know the Talent DNA profile of the job they’re recruiting for, and also the DNA that will be successful with the hiring manager and the team. Matching them together should be as easy as setting up a blind date for your friends.

(PS—if your brain tensed up when I mentioned Talent DNA, don’t worry. Kinetix can give you a rundown of our exclusive behavioral assessment. Time to learn your Faking Good score!)

That Comprehensive Submittal

Great recruiters round it all up in a quality submittal. That means breaking down the good and the challenges with a candidate, and give hiring managers thoughts about where to spend the most time based on everything they’ve observed. Great recruiters have a point of view on it all.

Great recruiters want interactive feedback sessions where they can talk through it all, and coach hiring managers to be even more effective in future interviews. We’re partners, after all. We simply cannot got the job done without each other.

Are you in the market for the recipe of success? Check out what we can do with RPO and Single Hire searches. There’s a reason the formula works, and we want to prove it to you.

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