How to Have a Balanced Work Life

Having a defined work-life balance is an important aspect in most people’s lives.

As a dedicated recruiter you want to do as much as you can, to not only get the job done, but be that employee that goes to infinity and beyond. With technology becoming easily accessible—aka right at our finger tips—checking email at dinner and replying to texts and work calls on the weekends have become common practices; however, what does this constant connection do to your long term productivity?

Rapid burn out.

Here are some ways to zero in on kicking butt, work-life-balance wise, as a recruiter.

Work for a company that has a great office culture.

The usual suspects of having an off work-life balance comes from the office culture. This will eliminate the compulsion and obligation to work or be on 24/7. Having a clear mindset of what the usual is in your workplace can have an impact on how you view what ‚Äòneeds‚Äô to be done. A company that encourages everyone to take their vacation and personal days without guilt or fear of the mess they will come back to is also a key factor.

Eat, sleep, recruit, repeat.

Research has found, the less time between work and sleep you have negatively affects your ability to rejuvenate your creative mind. Although, in today‚Äôs technological society it is almost unheard of to completely ‚Äòunplug‚Äô yourself. Giving yourself time in your day to day life to sleep and unplug is essential to success.

Set your priorities straight.

Work-life balance is not a new concept, the importance of having an equal split between your time at the office and your time at home is a struggle that many have difficulty achieving. To achieve a healthy work-life balance you will need to make a conscious daily effort towards your #priorities. Now, priorities are different from person to person and can even change internally from time to time so it is also important to realign your priorities when things feel a little off balance.

The real questions are: do you find yourself making excuses to the people in your personal life because of work? Are you burnt out or find yourself getting burnt out quickly? If your answers were yes, then changes probably need to be made and guess what, Kinetix is always looking for recruiters to join our team! We can offer you a new culture that supports a positive work-life balance!

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